Blues & Hues - Marvellous May

May is a fascinating month in the floral calendar, marking the transition from spring to summer. As the warmth of summer is yet to fully embrace us, May presents a unique blend of blooms. While daffodils gracefully bow out, peonies emerge, adding their voluminous charm to our seasonal designs. It's a time when we strive to capture the essence of the changing seasons in our floral arrangements.

One of the remarkable aspects of May is how certain flowers bridge the gap between seasons, seamlessly blending the remnants of spring with the anticipation of summer. Among these versatile blooms, tulips stand out as a key ingredient on the flower menu from November all the way through to the end of May. Their enduring presence adds continuity to our designs, infusing them with a touch of elegance and vibrancy.


In essence, May represents a delicate balance between the lingering beauty of spring and the imminent arrival of summer. It's a time for florists to showcase their creativity, crafting designs that capture the essence of this transitional period while embracing the unique charm of each bloom that graces the seasonal landscape.
In our quest to capture the essence of May's transitional beauty, we've embraced a playful approach in our designs. Blending the elegant double tulip Columbus with the vibrant frills of Davenport creates a dynamic contrast that mirrors the duality of this month's floral landscape. We've also incorporated bicolored singles and Supermodel tulips, their coral hues adding a captivating dimension to our arrangements.

To infuse our designs with an extra layer of creativity, we've experimented with ecodyes, introducing fun and unexpected elements that reflect the spirit of innovation synonymous with spring. These eco-friendly dyes not only add a pop of colour but also imbue our creations with a sustainable ethos, aligning with our commitment to environmental responsibility.


To further enhance the playful elements in our designs, we've introduced Muscari, or grape hyacinth, which adds a whimsical touch reminiscent of scattered confetti. The unexpected appearance of Kokedama bulbs amidst the arrangement adds yet another delightful surprise for the discerning eye. Additionally, the natural blue hues of Iris complement Muscari beautifully, forming a harmonious union that evokes the tranquil essence of a serene spring day.

Incorporating Iris into our designs adds a sense of elegance and sophistication, with its slender, graceful stems and intricate, velvety petals. As a natural complement to the vibrant tulips and delicate peonies that dominate May bouquets, Iris brings a refined touch of beauty, symbolizing hope and wisdom. Whether in traditional shades of blue or captivating variations of purple and white, Iris infuses our arrangements with a timeless charm that transcends the seasons, making it a beloved staple in our floral repertoire.

By combining traditional favourites with bold new elements, our May designs encapsulate the essence of this transitional season, celebrating the beauty of nature's evolution while inviting viewers to embrace the unexpected delights that each bloom brings.

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