Crop Report - 05th November 2021

Crop Report November

british grown chrysanthemum

7 weeks until Christmas and I've even seen twinkly lights in the front rooms already! Mossing wreaths and frozen fingers! Oh the joys of being a glamorous florist!

I'm delighted to have our studio open; I've visualised this space for several years and this will enable me to do videos and tutorials to be added to our facebook page and website.

Meanwhile British grown is majoring in Chrysanthemums and foliages.

NEW this week - to celebrate #COP26 Welcome to our first drop-shipper who will send specialist foliages directly to you - freshness guarantee! It's easy for you to order online at the same time as all your other British products and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time! WIN! WIN! Please do support this FFTF grower as this will enable more micro-growers to be on our platform which will enable you the florist to have a wider variety of products - all in one place. 

Pampas Grass 

  • The fluffy pile is depleting fast - please don't ask me for it after xmas - when it's gone its gone!


  • Plenty of Moss still in stock.


  • Chrysanthemums are now moving into the Jaguar series and spiders are coming


  • Narcissi Paper whites - steady - good stock levels

Insidgen Yellow

  • Insidgen Yellow - steady - good stock levels

BRASSICA is here!

  • New grower added indoor AND NEW 'Feather Queen'

 Eucalyptus Season

  • NORFOLK EUCALYPTUS lush mixed bunches from Norfolk! LOVE this product - looks fabulous with the Pampas for a bit of Boho chic!

  • Norfolk Eucalyptus & Rosemary - great scents and plentiful

Cornish Parvifolia

  • Cornish Parvifolia - bunches or box and mixed foliage bundles from the same grower


  • Still going for a couple weeks - plenty of dried & glycerined available too for Gypsophila Christmas trees and clouds! Don't forget the Bioglitter!!

Noble Pine

  • Almost all sold out!


  • Plenty of Moss (we mossed 20 x 10" wreaths from 2 bags)


  • Pink and White Orientals continue

  • LA lilies finished


IMPORT SECTION - GlobalGap or Sedex Approved!

  • IMPORT - Thlaspi, Grevillia, Beargrass, Scented Myrtle added - this week we will add Colombian large headed roses.
  • IMPORT has some exciting new products from Isreali growers - GlobalGap approved or SEDEX. The main reason this has evolved is due to us not having quite as much volume as previous years in the winter season, demand has been incredibly strong this year which has meant British grown products have ended earlier than normal. UK grown Tulips will be later this year. Our Outlets & Florist Studio need more products as well as many of your shops too. It is more challenging to continue supplying seasonal in the flower equivalent of the 'hungry gap' so we will be supplying a few select items to enhance our range and make life easier for those of you who don't have enough demand or an all year round relationship with other wholesalers for imported products.


Christmas Wreath Boxes: are in so get your kits prepped!

  • We have managed to secure the same price as last year and if you are looking to have 100 or more or collect from Pinchbeck we can offer an additional saving. Phone to discuss.


  • Thank you for your moss orders this week - that was a couple of pallets!! fresh from Norfolk every week - please order early as this is bulky - 3 bags per box - we need to miss Black Friday/ Cyber Monday so if you would order before all that kicks off its better!! It can be stored in a cool shed or outdoor in sheltered spot.

Final Field Notes

  • Tulip season will be late starting and is planned for Mid December.

  • Early forced pre-Christmas Daffodils are being planted now.

  • There will be Holly and locally sourced foliages in a mixed box in the next few weeks ready for your workshops
  • There will be more red tulips than white which appear to be later - January.


Quote of the Week: 

“When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.” - Paulo Coelho


Keep Calm & Keep On Flowering! 

Yours in Flowers


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