CROP REPORT 14th January 2023 plus The VALENTINES PLAN 2023

Hello Flower Folks! 

Thank you to those of you who joined our first Zoom crop report - the video (edited down) has been put into the Facebook closed group for those of you who missed it. Going forward we would like your feedback on what works better for you! At the moment it is looking like Thursday morning video whizz through of products and a LIVE Q&A so you can start to think about gearing up for the following week! 

It is more important than ever before that we cultivate our community -we have all had a tough couple of years trying to manage the rollercoaster of flowery life. Please do share your wins, tips and life in general in the Facebook Community - it's a safe place for British flower folks to hang out and theres oodles of knowledge and motivation to be had. Working on our own as we do is hard enough. Get connected with like-minded souls and find a buddy to boost your mental health and inspire you along the way, then life gets easier - If you can't find one a buddy you will just have to make do with me getting excited about all the projects that are on this year! 😂 

This week is Blue Monday and Brew Monday  and possibly the longest week of the entire calendar! We've had a bit of fun with eco-dye and are offering Unicorn Tulips - throw a dash of Bioglitter Frost on and team with white twigs and theres a talking point for consumers. 

Why not do a few 'lonely bouquets' or giveaway competitions too - it will cheer up your local area and get them in the mood for flowers at Valentines day! Make someone happy and for the price of a few Rainbow Tulips its probably the most cost effective marketing you will ever do!


  • Pussy Willow 40/50cm & 70/80cm & Branched 70/80cm 
  • Wobbly Willow 70/80cm 
  • Unicorn Tulips Blue
  • Birch - Natural and White going well 
  • Erlicheer Narcissus joins Paperwhite, Hugh Town and Sol'Dor
  • Tulips - Picardy joins colour range a lovely cerise pink with white edges 
  • NEW sundries - Ceramic mantle bowls, Meadow Zinc and powder-coated troughs plus bulb baskets
  • Potted Bulbs for Direct Delivery Zones 


Houseplant bundles for the direct delivery zones or trolley drops - ideally you need to be in a location that is above15c otherwise your plants will perish. 

  • Pre-Mixed Bundles to speed up bouquet making!
  • Iris - Available from February
  • First Draft of the Valentines plan looks like this ....

2 Th
4 Sa
5 Su
6 Mo
7 Tu  Direct Deliveries Metz Zones arrive with customers 
8 We
9 Th  Valentines Deliveries arrive with florists
10 Fr Valentines Deliveries arrive with florists 
11 Sa
12 Su
13 Mo Galentines Day 
14 Tu Valentines Day
15 We

 Quote of the week 

 If you are lucky enough to be different, don't ever change! 

 Keep Calm & Carry On Flowering 

Helen x

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