Crop Report - 22nd October 2021

Crop Report October

seasonal autumn flower bouquet

What a blast we had at GFG Event last weekend - a packed schedule with presentations on photography, social media & marketing, pricing for profit, demystifying electric vehicles (I now understand a bit of what my teenage Top Gear fan is talking about!) plus some brilliant discussions, gift wrapping techniques and a bit of discoing too! And to catch up with some old flower friends and meet new ones was priceless - if not a bit surreal... the flowers were pretty awesome too!! 

This week Evolving has centered around our new florist studio (YAY! We are in after 18months of delay !) where professional and leisure courses will start very soon. I slightly underestimated how disruptive it is when moving things from one location to another! Interestingly we have discovered some stock we may just have “forgotten” about and lost something we bought last week... blooming typical! Nothing is perfect is it :)

October at BFA Awards and Vision Conference where I am also on the speakers line up answering all the florists burning questions about the British bit of the Flowers & Plants industry. Tickets at the BFA website


Our next "Evolution" is that we have added an IMPORT section to our webshop - this will  be limited and will only be sourced from ethical farms who have sound accreditations such as SEDEX.

The main reason this has evolved is due to us not having quite as much volume as previous years in the winter season, demand has been incredibly strong this year which has meant British grown products have ended earlier than normal. UK grown Tulips will be later this year.

Our Outlets & Florist Studio need more products as well as many of your shops too. It is more challenging to continue supplying seasonal in the flower equivalent of the 'hungry gap' so we will be supplying a few select items to enhance our range and make life easier for those of you who don't have enough demand or an all year round relationship with other wholesalers for imported products.


Pampas Grass 

  • Plenty stems and more to come!


  • Plenty of Moss still in stock.


  • Continue and new darker pinky lilac


  • Paper whites - steady - good stock levels

Insidgen Yellow

  • Yellow steadily coming in with good stock levels

Gourds - Continue

  • Plenty of stock in.

BRASSICA is here!

  • Autumn feature and great long-lasting space filler flower! hundreds of thousands of these are grown. I know you don't like them but the customers do! An essential product for the British Autumn flower selection :) Fills a BIG GAP!

  • Keep Buckets clean with Chrysal bucket cleaner and use CVBN tablet in the water to reduce any cabbagey aroma! Recut stems frequently. Look great with a sprinkling of Bioglitter for Halloween and Christmas or simply when you need some sparkle!

 Eucalyptus Season

  • NEW! BOX OFFER of Cornish Parvifolia has been added to the foliage selection - also available in bunches.

  • NORFOLK EUCALYPTUS lush mixed bunches from Norfolk! LOVE this product - looks fabulous with the Pampas for a bit of Boho chic!


  • Cornish & Norfolk grown. Plenty with good colour range - add a note to your order if you need specific colours.

Blue Lagoon Eryngium - BACK IN!

  • We will have it again for another couple of weeks - perfect for your Autumn Wreaths and Pumpkin filling - the British bouquet it was destined for has been cancelled by a multiple retailer so in comes Evolve to benefit you with more British grown :)

Cornish Parvifolia

  • Bunches and boxes available.


  • White still going and pink finished.


  • Continue.


  • Finished.

Rose lilies

  • Finished.


  • Grass by request.

Rose hips

  • Continuing.


  • Pink and White Orientals

  • LA lilies in 3 colours


  • Noble pine volume has been increased as we have secured an order for another pallet.

Christmas Wreath Boxes: are in so get your kits prepped!

  • Bribe the kids in return for half-term treats!! We have managed to secure the same price as last year and if you are looking to have 100 or more or collect from Pinchbeck we can offer an additional saving. Phone to discuss.

Pre-orders on Christmas wreaths / boxes / foliages 

  • Pre-orders on Christmas wreaths / boxes / foliages are set up under the banner of Christmas so you can benefit from discounted prices when you purchase in advance. Please ensure when you pre-order you do this on a separate order and not mixed in with this weeks flower order.

Final week for Pumpkins and Pumpkin Party Workshops

  • Pumpkins season is coming to end!


Final Field Notes

  • Panicum grass will follow.

  • Chrysanthemums due November.

  • Tulip season will be late starting and is planned for Mid December.

  • Early forced pre-Christmas Daffodils are being planted now.


Quote of the Week: 

“ One of the basic rules of the universe is that nothing is perfect. Perfection simply doesn't exist... without imperfection, neither you nor I would exist.” - Stephen Hawking


Keep Calm & Keep On Flowering! 

Yours in Flowers


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