Crop Report - 26th November 2021

Crop Report November

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25 days until Christmas Eve - no comment!

14 delivery days left for trade customers....



Please order in plenty of time - It's getting crazy on the supply front! Delivery drivers are under the cosh and it doesn't look like that will get any easier...


REDUCE STRESS - plan and help us help you :)

We are expecting delivery of the following: 

  • Heavenly Christmas Cards
  • Norfolk Holly - variegated /lots of varieties
  • Orange slices / Cinnamon Sticks
  • Spray paints
  • Bioglitter



  • We saw the weather report and the first thought was - how much moss and foliage can be gathered before we get snowed in, second thought how long until the farm toilet freezes!! Plan for the worst then things seem a whole lot better!


  • Beautiful quality from Lincolnshire grower. These are cultivated from Southern Hemisphere bulbs that are given a cold winter in the fridges and then brought out to grow hydroponically (on water) without any peat and under glass. Some good strong varieties - Ile de France Red, Columbus, Strong Gold Yellow, Siagon Purple...

Norfolk Holly

  • Less berries than last year but still the same fabulous quality and lasts very well as it has special storage treatment :) Arriving here TUESDAY 30th DEC


  • Plenty of Moss (we mossed 20 x 10" wreaths from 2 bags)
  • TIP - Open the bag to let it breathe as it's a live product, store frost free - do not leave it much longer before ordering yours - we will get to a point where the harvesters slow up... Foliages - also can be stored outside Noble pine and spruce especially. More mixed foliage boxes are coming.


    • Narcissi Paper whites - steady - good stock levels


    • Limited - available for Thursday deliveries

    Insidgen Yellow

    • Steady - good stock levels

     Eucalyptus Norfolk

    • Great scents and plentiful

    Cornish Parvifolia

    • Cornish Parvifolia - bunches or box and mixed foliage bundles from the same grower


    • Almost done


    • Moving to Indoor purple and white

    Cornish Parvifolia

    • Bunches or box and mixed foliage bundles from the same grower



    Tell me what you are missing - or looking for and we will see what we can locate - if anyone wants to share roses for December let me know as have to buy 200 per box of large headed Colombian or Ecuadorian.

    • Hypericum berries
    • Myrtle
    • Waxflower
    • Standard Carnations - select grade - lovely colour mixes Colibri Farms
    • Grevillea



    • We have made a decision not to take any further pre-orders on the shop - ONLY on email/phone - every week the shop will be open until Wednesday Noon and then we close it to double check all stock - It reopens on Thursday evening Friday morning - we will reduce the time the shop is closed where we can and also update on the Trade Facebook group when new stock arrives.

    Final Field Notes

    • Wreath Boxes / Subscription boxes  - in stock

    • Dried is becoming limited - Pampas a plenty - new "grower"


    Quote of the Week: 

    “mindset is the driving force in the quest for success and achievement.” - definition


    Keep Calm & Keep On Flowering! 

    Yours in Flowers


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