CROP REPORT - April 21st 2022

April Crop Report

Thank you for cramming so many orders into a short Bank holiday week! Phewee...!! and lovely to see the start of new products coming through - perfect for the up and coming Church Flower Festivals and these demonstrations and talks I seem to have crammed into April! Lovely mini gathering this week to inspire the local arrangers to try some planet friendly designs for the festivals and its off to the NAFAS Demonstrators Symposium tomorrow and then again to another NAFAS talk on Best of British next week! All of our local churches hold  flower festivals end of April beginning of May and we Celebrate Tulip Festival at Springfield's Festival Gardens on the 30th April Bank holiday weekend ... (do we really need another Bank holiday blip - early reminder - diaries folks?!) 
Fantastic to see NEW SEASON Solomons seal and Calla lily back to add to the mix! Solomons seal has a useful foliage too when the rest of the foliage is getting less. Still plenty of Cornish coming along.
If you have stock in the basket when delivery days are closed - this means the shop is closed and those products are being updated. If you leave products in the basket and simply checkout when the delivery days are opened you do run the risk of those products being out of stock.
PLEASE do keep up to date with the Trade Facebook page which will tell you when the shop is open/closed. We will now add this information to the notice board on the home page too. 
Please do let us know if you are after anything specific or have a quantity order on Wednesday or Thursday the week before so we can make sure the volumes are there - many brides are requesting All British grown now which is great but i does need a little pre-booking and forward planning to ensure you get what you need!
* Special Offer*
Bundle Offer for Bucket cleaner and CVBN - NO more stinky Stock buckets! as its getting warmer care and conditioning and bucket hygiene becomes more important!!
  • Ranunculus - cooler this week and the peak is over... get them whilst they are here!! 
Premium grade bunched in 10's by colour and posy grade in bunches of 40 stems rainbow bright or pastels
  • Scented Stocks
White and Apricot have been added for wedding orders and mixed boxes available - if you do wish to have specific colours in 10's them please add a note to your order ( see how to on webshop FAQS ) Blackcurrant, Lilac, Lavender, Pink, in addition to the White and Apricot.
  • Alstroemeria
Duo boxes are back - mixed boxes of Alstro and Ranunculus - straight from the grower in Norfolk.
Cornish Alstro gaining pace and lovely strong stems - really good colour mix - please add into the notes section on your order if you wish to have a specific colour. Plentiful 
This weeks selection includes:
  • Icoon - double orange peony type
  • Red - Marcara/very limited 
  • Creme Fraiche - vanilla
  • White - Update
  • Yellow Flight - also Strong Gold on the bulb
  • Andre Citroen for the bicolour; Verandi for Orange
  • Purple - Laptop - also On the bulb
  • Pinks - Charmeur - variegated leaf and edged petals; Tineke van de Mer - mid pink 

It's almost goodbye Spring...

  • Hyacinth - finished 
  • Sir Winston Churchill - limited
Wild green bunches continue and will be a mixed selection which will change as the season progresses 
NEW to the shop Viburnum Tinus!
Cornish Pittosporum - good supply 
Bottlebrush - good supply 
Eucalyptus Parvifolia - limited 
From the pack house ...
  • Stock up on glassware - Tulip vases are running low and possibly will be the last of them, Heavenly cards, raffia, jute string and plenty of Chrysal products - check out the bucket cleaner deal!
  • **Arrive Alive 400's will be back in stock around the 22nd April**
  • Indoor plants going well - remember to book in your trolley delivery if you are having plants - we cannot send them DPD/DXE
From the fields...
Peonies are shooting up and earlies already knee height here... lots of tractoring around the farm as our neighbours prepare their crop! We have 4 peony growers in total - spread across the 40 mile radius from Evolve HQ with a plethora of varieties. Let's hope we can encourage more British blooms to be bought in the next few months. Peony Pre-order coming soon!
Sweet Williams are up and gaining momentum, they are very weather dependent and we will see how they perform - looking good so far!
Iris are there somewhere too and there will be more Scented Stocks in standard grade coming soon. 
Quote of the Week
Look how far you have come and then - just keep going! 
You got yourself this far
you just got to keep going!
I want to see what happens if I don't give up...
Keep Calm & Carry On Flowering!
Helen x

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