Mothers Day 2021 Pre-Order

Pre-order wholesale flowers for Mothers Day 2021 now available. Bulk flower orders will close on Saturday 27th February at 20:00.

Delivery for items marked with the 'Mothers Day' pre-order will only be available on Tuesday 9th, Wednesday 10th & Thursday 11th March 2021. This is to enable you to condition your products ready and get ahead with producing designs - we also would recommend avoiding the latter part of the week for deliveries as volumes will increase dramatically for couriers and this may well impact some delivery services. 

Please DO NOT add any other products that are not prefixed with Mothers Day in the title. 

Check you have given us the correct address, especially if your business is moving from home > shop or vice versa!

Please order in MOQs 

Good luck with creating stunning Mothers Day Campaigns and promoting beautiful British flowers.