Chrysal Arrive Alive® Eco SAMPLE PACK of 3

Chrysal Arrive Alive® Eco SAMPLE PACK of 3

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3 x Eco Bio-based Flower Wraps 

3 x real rubber bands 

3 x compostable bags 

 NEW! Chrysal Arrive Alive® Eco is an eco-friendly and innovative flower packaging that preserves the condition of cut flowers during transport. The flower wrap and bag are made from renewable resources and are fully compostable. The patented flower wrap keeps flowers fresh and reduces water use and flower waste in the floral chain. Arrive Alive® Eco gives you the advantages of shipping flowers horizontally without the risk of water spillage. Florists can also offer Arrive Alive® Eco as an extra service to their customers: they can travel long distances or buy a bouquet a day early reassured that their flowers will arrive fresh. 

View our product focus blog and tutorial video on this product! Click to view 

The new sustainable Chrysal Arrive Alive Eco is an eco-friendly patented flower wrap that creates a water reservoir for cut flowers. 
  • Hydrates flowers during transport and delivery for upto 3-5 days 
  • Made from renewable resources and fully compostable 
  • Ideal for grab n gos', farmers markets, online flower delivery
  • IN THE BOX  - leaflet 'how to', biodegradable bags, and real rubber bands for a fully planet-friendly finish to your bouquets. We have tried and tested this with our online orders and enjoy the speed and efficiency that can be achieved by having a complete kit in one box! 
  • Check out our *PRODUCT FOCUS video! 
  • Eco-friendly and innovative flower packaging
  • Flower wrap and bag made from renewable resources and fully compostable
  • Keeps flowers beautiful without bucket or vase
  • Enables horizontal transport without leakage
  • Best results for longer flower enjoyment when soaked in Professional 2 solution.
  • Easy to use