Chrysal Pro2 - 20 Litre Bag in a Box NEW!!

Chrysal Pro2 - 20 Litre Bag in a Box NEW!!

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The Chrysal new Professional 2 Bag-in-box contains 70% less plastic than the blue containers. Not only is the new packaging ecologically friendly, but it is also easier to use. The new Bag-in-box packaging is easy to dispose of; just press the plastic can together and put the carton in the paper bin. 

Chrysal Professional 2 is a conditioner to keep your flowers beautiful up to 50% longer versus water alone. Chrysal Professional 2 contains just enough nutrients for the natural development of flowers whilst preventing them from opening too soon. This way your customers can get the maximum enjoyment of their blooms. 

Ideal for using with a Chysal Dosing Unit.

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