**NEW** OSHUN Pouch ®️ Single 5"x 5"
**NEW** OSHUN Pouch ®️ Single 5"x 5"
**NEW** OSHUN Pouch ®️ Single 5"x 5"

**NEW** OSHUN Pouch ®️ Single 5"x 5"

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Patent Pending

Complete game changer for sympathy and event work! 

Patent Pending Oshun Pouch® is a novel Expandable Floral Pouch mechanic.  A Sustainable  and Regenerative solution for Floral Arrangements  that is derived from 100% Natural Components, and is THE alternative to Single Use Plastic Floral Foam. OshunPouch’s components are entirely plant based, bio-degradable and TÜV certified OK Home Compostable.

Because OSHUN Pouch expands only when hydrated, it ships and stores Small, saving space and money. AND it is Zero Waste!

TÜV certified OK Compost HOME

Biodegradable OSHUN Pouch®️ completes the Home Compostability cycle within 6 Months, a fast cycle completion time.

OK compost HOME  guarantees complete biodegradability in the light of specific requirements, even in your garden compost heap

OSHUN Pouch®️ is born of Nature and breaks down in the Natural Environment, replenishing depleted soils. 

When the user composts, OSHUN Pouch®️ becomes Regenerative.