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Evolve Flowers Ltd, led by British flower expert Helen Chambers NDSF, announces a groundbreaking collaboration with Simon Redden of Redford Flowers, a hydroponic cut flower growing expert. This partnership merges Evolves’ product development prowess with Redford’s hydroponic innovations, reshaping British-grown cut flowers by uniting florists with cutting-edge technology.


Simon Redden, a hydroponic trailblazer since 1998, revolutionized cut flower cultivation as the first UK grower to hydroponically cultivate Tulips. Helen is enthused by the feedback from florists about the introduction of eco-bulbs, Muscari, and Hyacinth, providing endless creative possibilities, especially during the winter months when the British-grown cut flower selection can be limited.

Helen notes, "This collaboration allows Evolve to pioneer innovation, providing sustainable and high-quality flower options." Simon emphasises the environmental benefits, saying, "Hydroponic cultivation ensures precise control over growing conditions and reduces environmental impact whilst showcasing our products to a wider audience”


Helen creating spring wreath with Hydroponically grown bulbs and locally grown plants and foliage during the Industry Discovery Days 

Unveiled at the recent Evolve Industry Discovery Days, the collaboration pioneers the fusion of innovative products and hydroponic expertise. Attendees experienced the growing process firsthand and participated in a workshop at the Evolve studio, raising awareness for responsible and forward-thinking florists, cultivating increased environmental consciousness.


Winnie & Olive Florist, nestled in Kinver, has witnessed an overwhelming response to their Mini Muscari collection, with hundreds sold since its launch. Vanessa Sweeney, the owner, expressed delight in the flourishing popularity, revealing, "This weekend alone, we've seen more than 20 jars fly off our shelves. They're not just a beautiful gift; they spark fascinating conversations too! While customers select their blooms, we engage them in discussions about the charm of British-grown flowers and the essence of sustainable floristry."

Sweeney further added, "Our customers relish the experience of watching these Mini Muscari blossom in the comfort of their homes. It's not just a purchase; it's a journey. Parents especially appreciate the sustainable aspect, as the bulbs become a creative outlet for children during half term. Little ones excitedly choose their own bulbs from our tray, crafting their personalized jars at home. It's a double win – a thoughtful gift and a sustainable craft project, making Mini Muscari a cherished choice for families looking to brighten up spring."


Karla Bell- Marsh said "I've had an incredible experience engaging with individuals who may not typically show much interest in the flowers backstory. Sharing the story of these British-grown bulbs, witnessing the hydroponic cultivation process, and marveling at the intricate roots has been a joy. It's heartening to see visitors to the shop appreciate the process. I even have customers opting to choose their own bulbs and saying 'I have jars at home; I'll arrange them myself!' Look at these little wired supports crafted for the charming Tete a tete bulb bottles." - Karla Bell-Marsh

And its not just about jars and Kokedama moss balled bulbs how about this stunning seasonal Brides bouquet with a little 'something blue'  added with Muscari peeping out from a gorgeous selection of British grown blooms crafted by Harriet at Cumberland Flower Farm in Cumbria.   



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