Navigating Challenges in the Global Flower Industry: A Call to Action for Florists

June 22nd 2024

This week, the worldwide flower industry is facing a series of challenges that are impacting growers, suppliers, and florists alike. With rising prices from many sources, it's clear that our industry, deeply interconnected on a global scale, is feeling the strain. British products, in particular, are not immune to these pressures. When there's a shortage of flowers from other countries, local growers experience increased demand, adding to the complexity of the situation.

Scented Stocks production slowed as night temperatures dipped.


Key Issues Affecting the Flower Industry

  1. Rising Shipping Costs: The cost of shipping container goods, including fresh flowers and related sundries, is on the rise. This is a significant factor affecting the overall pricing and availability of products.

  2. Increased Dutch Ferry Costs: Transportation expenses are also increasing for flowers imported from the Netherlands, a major hub in the global flower trade.

  3. Production Issues Due to Weather: Wet and erratic weather conditions have caused production delays and issues. This unpredictable climate is disrupting the growth cycles and quality of several flower crops.

  4. Transitioning to New Batches: As growers move into new production batches, these are also being impacted by the adverse weather and fluctuating demand.

  5. Spring Weather Impact: Several crops have already been adversely affected by the spring weather, leading to shortages and higher prices.

  6. Temperatures: Production has been hampered by temperatures as low as 10c at night (UK) - even under glass - this slows down availability. Erratic weather conditions makes some field grown flowers bloom before they should and not have the ideal stem length. Freak hailstorms during early June damaged buds. 
  7. Brexit Paperwork: Shipment delays from extra checks impacted us this week and will continue.

What Can Florists Do?

In these challenging times, it's essential to adapt and find innovative ways to continue delivering beautiful arrangements to your customers. Here are some actionable steps you can take:

  1. Respect the Flower: Treat every stem with the utmost care. Each flower represents a significant effort to grow under challenging conditions. Ensure you use every stem efficiently to minimize waste. Save the side shoots for mini vases or posies or to add into funeral work. 

  2. Get Creative: Now is the time to innovate. Dive into your storeroom and think about new designs. Consider creating your own unique collections by painting old containers and making armatures of structures. This not only refreshes your offerings but also showcases your creativity.


3. Embrace Unfamiliar Stems: Don't shy away from using flowers that may not be your personal favourites . Embrace a variety of stems to diversify your arrangements and introduce your customers to new floral experiences. Its not what it is but how you present the product.


Seasonal Signature Arrangement by Abby @Evolveflowers  

4. Educate the consumers: Encourage your customers to let you work with seasonal products and not specific blooms to enable you to create the best design options for their occasion. 

By taking these steps, you can help mitigate some of the impacts of the current challenges and continue to thrive in the ever-evolving flower industry. Let's work together to navigate these hurdles and support each other through innovation and respect for the natural beauty we cultivate.

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