Dried Flowers

During 2020 the dried flower trend of a couple of decades ago enjoyed a resurgence and it doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon!

Evolve founder, Helen was just at the start of her career when dried flowers were in their heyday, summers were spent at a local flower farm wiring Helichrysum and making little baskets, swags and garlands for John Lewis stores. A barn full of ladies flowering away the summer months creating arrangements to be boxed and sent nationwide.

Whilst studying Helen completed a dissertation on dried flowers, their history, styles, techniques and the many processes used to dry and preserve flowers. They say trends are repeated and this one certainly has arrived again, this time with a more colourful vibe or a completely textural beige toned natural look. Pulling her knowledge out of the archives, the Evolve team started drying any excess flowers the growers were able to cut. 2020 saw the business expand out of the 'cave' into the 'big barn'. Roof space was filled with rows and rows of wheat, statice, eryngium, Carthamus, nigella, helichrysum and Craspedia. The caves fridge was turned into an industrial drying room, able to hold six trolleys full of product and running at a suitable temperature and circulating the air. Growers were delighted to achieve more sales for flushes of crops that could have otherwise gone to waste. The newly installed dehydrator gave the flowers a new purpose and most importantly they escaped the journey to the compost heap!