Evolve's Remarkable Journey: From Doubters to 10,000 Orders


In life, it's often the wildest ideas and the most audacious dreams that lead to the most remarkable success stories. In the world of British flowers, one such story has unfolded, and it's the tale of Evolve. From the humble beginnings to the remarkable milestone of their 10,000th order, this is a journey that has truly blossomed.


The Visionary Start

Evolve's journey into wholesale flower supply began in 2019 after Helen had a vision to address the challenges of accessibility for florists and arrangers that wanted to buy British flowers. The vision evolved during the British Flowers Week Exhibition finals, hosted at the Garden Museum in London in the summer of 2018. After appearing on BBC Breakfast TV, she realized her mission could extend far beyond that and could perhaps make a real difference to the floral industry.  She saw an opportunity and a new challenge. It was a vision driven by a deep passion for flowers, honed over 35 years of expertise.



The Doubters and the 'Mad' Plan

But, as is often the case with ground-breaking ideas, there were doubters. Some wondered aloud, "You're seriously going to start wholesale supply just before Mother's Day? What if it goes wrong?" It was a question that could have dampened anyone's spirits. Helen's response, however, was a testament to her resolve: "It's only flowers!" a serious response, borne from one passionately obsessed with the floral industry. 

To the naysayers, it might as well have been translated as, "You're mad; it can't be done." But if there's one thing Helen possesses in abundance, it's the fiery determination of an Aries Ram.


Facing the Challenges Head-On

Helen's world was one filled with unique challenges - from managing the crazy logistics of the floral industry to facing freak weather events and crop failures. These challenges were all part and parcel of her journey, not to mention the black swan events that rocked the world, including Brexit and the unanticipated COVID-19 pandemic.

Through it all, Helen and Evolve navigated these turbulent waters. They refused to be deterred by obstacles, and their customers played a pivotal role in this journey. Many of them have been on this floral adventure with Evolve, evolving right alongside as the business grew and matured.






Celebrating the 10,000th Order

Now, fast forward to today, and the scene is one of celebration. Evolve has reached its 10,000th order, a remarkable milestone for any business. It's a testament to the passion, determination, and expertise that have guided this journey from the very start.

The story of Evolve is not just a story of flowers; it's a story of resilience, adaptability, and unwavering commitment. As they continue to bloom in the world of British flowers, we can only imagine what stunning arrangements lie ahead.

So, here's to Evolve and the next 10,000 orders and beyond. May this floral journey continue to inspire us all! 🌼🌸🌺🌻🌷


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