Crop Report - 10th September 2021

Crop Report September


What a difference a week makes!? - last weeks night temperatures were around 16c and that slowed some crops down to almost a standstill. This week we melt in 28c and it seems these extremes are more likely to continue as climate change throws us additional challenges. 

This is why we consider our environmental impact in everything we do and focus on British grown flowers first and foremost. 

National Recycling Week is later this month September 20, 2021 - September 26, 2021

Recycle Week encourages people to recycle more through advertising campaigns and partnerships with big companies and well-known brands. In 2021, Recycle Week will run from 20th to 26th September. The theme for this year is 'Step It Up this Recycle Week'.This is an ideal time for you to tell your customers what you are doing to lessen your impact on the environment and recycle more. We will be telling you more about our recycling journey too!

We will be setting up additional pre-orders going forward on Christmas wreaths / boxes / foliage's so you can benefit from discounted prices when you purchase in advance. Please note the cost will increase once the pre-order has closed. 

Wreath Boxes

  • Pre-ordering has been extended until the end of September and boxes will arrive towards the middle to the end of October. We have managed to secure the same price as last year and if you are looking to have 100 or more or collect from Pinchbeck we can offer an additional saving if you order before the end of September. Phone to discuss. 

Noble Pine

  • The Noble pine from Scotland and readymade wreaths have also been added to pre-orders. Please ensure when you pre-order you do this on a separate order and not mixed in with this weeks flower order. The Pine will be arriving in early November - details are on the product pages.

Dried Flowers

  • Loads of dried products are being sent out and our "Preserve Summer Embrace Autumn" collection hits the outlets this week, already proving popular as consumers get closer to nature and more in tune with seasonality, initiating behaviour changes and encouraging consumers to buy seasonal. 

  • Those of you looking at volume buying for dried designs please send an email as we have a volume buyer list for box rates and multiples.


  • Gladioli is back on track after a short break! Please note there are multiple varieties within the 5 colourways.


  • Amaranthus Plenty of Red, Green limited.


  • 300gram bunches of multi-headed Asters and plenty to go at. Full colour range, great fillers. In a week or two the colours will start to reduce as the crop draws to a close.


  • Back on track and plentiful this week and some pink!


  • Solidago - good stock levels - lovely tall product this week

Lisianthus & Antirrhinum

  • Erratic supply - drop us an email if you need to reserve.


  • Good supply of sunflowers


  • NEW this week is the white variety (vanilla white rather than White white!) Green and Red continue and the pink has been snaffled up by a volume buyer :(


  • Bouquet grade and a small amount of Premium.


  • Second Flush of Blue Lagoon Eryngium will continue through to October.


  • Rose lilies continue and now two growers on board - Pink and White

  • Orientals are online and 3 colours of LA's.

  • Pollen free lilies are Samantha in Pink and Leona and Rafeala in white.

  • 'White Balloons' and 'Monteneu' are the white Oriental varieties this week and Pinks 'Chartwell' and 'Aspiration'. 

  • Please do also note that our growers (for all crops) keep their prices fairly level for the whole season - none of this 'up and down auction' trading! This makes it easier for you to quote ahead on products, know your margins and not get caught out by trading peaks and troughs caused by the world market.  


  • Eucalyptus parvifolia predicted to be back around end of September - October. 

  • Irish greens are paused until next week - please do consider there is a 5-7 day lead time when getting product from Ireland and as such it will benefit from being stored cool and damp (mist and cover with clear bag will increase the life of the product)

Final Field Notes

  • Pumpkins and decorative gourds are starting to appear and its Brassica time next! Bring on the Cabbage! The first grower starts with Brassica during September and two additional launch towards November.

  • Snowberry in white and two shades of pinks coming soon too!

  • Panicum grass will follow.

  • Tulip season will be late starting and is planned for Mid December. 


Quote of the Week: 

The measure of intelligence is the ability to change - Albert Einstein


Keep Calm & Keep On Flowering! 

Yours in Flowers


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