Sustainable Farewells - Nodding Daffodils, under the trees

March 2023

From the first moment the family contacted me I knew the flowers needed were the kind of designs that I would be honoured to create.

Translating the families wishes to reflect the life of their loved one - often specific visions for the last wishes.

A gentleman who loved trees, he planted hundreds on the family small holding. I love trees too and this year Trees are the Evolve theme as we focus on sustainability.


The families vintage bulb crates from when they grew flowers were used as the platform for the design in church.

A selection of garden foliage's and tree branches gathered from the family’s gardens were arranged in a bucket with chicken wire, these fixed in a tall container and set on the vintage crates. The scents of the blossom and locally grown Narcissus was divine. Conifer branches created a canopy to interpret the love of trees. Hyacinth bulbs wrapped in moss hung from the branches to add interest to the design.

When arranging in water and wire the right materials have to be specially selected and well conditioned;  the thinking and planning stage of the process can take longer than actually building the design!

I’m lucky to work with Liz at Wild Green Gardens who supplies Evolve and our florist customers with just the right British leaves and branches to complement our British grown blooms. As Liz is also an experienced  arranger we are on the same page when interpreting the vision and theme for the clients displays. Creating stunning seasonal florals is what I enjoy doing most especially if they can be 100% British and compostable.

The casket tribute included a branch of Walnut and was totally compostable. A handmade felted Robin perched on the tree branch with the last of the double flowering Snowdrops nodding over his head. 


Memory table with some of the “wine club” happy memories @The Ship, Pinchbeck.

  • Farewell flowers and pedestal display St Mary’s Church, Pinchbeck
  • Funeral Directors Mark Forth of Spalding 
  • Handmade Felted Robin supplied by Ivy House Designs





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