CROP REPORT - 26th February 2023

Crop Report

Hello Flower Folks! 

Slowly, slowly the season gets started - February always tests our creativity to the maximum when the selection of British grown flowers is so much less abundant. How lovely to see such fantastic designs on social media doing the best with what we have - especially for Sympathy tributes embracing spring plants and bulbs - there is so many designs that can be created by including plants into the flowery mix. I feel like a plant hunter this week, sourcing so many treasures from all over the place to include in a special tribute. Please do continue to post your 'wins' good ideas and customer feedback in the Trade Facebook group, lovely to see how small changes 

Committing to being a 100% British florist business is very challenging and I still maintain until design skills and customer bases are developed and educated we should manage the transition as best we can. For Mother's Day we will be having UKi Farms Israeli Ranunculus as the British crop in Norfolk is not quite ready yet - despite all encouragement with any heat and with the reduced light levels they simply are not ready yet. 

Hellebores are coming along nicely and there has been increases in Alstro albeit by the bucket rather than by the trolley! Do take a look at Bens Alstromeria page to understand how this crop develops. 

 Lincolnshire Daffodils are getting underway - for sure everything will slow up when the next wave of cold weather rolls in ... 


Zinc Planters 

Mantel Vases - you are romping through these! get in quick if you would like as we are unable to get any more stock as this is an end of line. 

Raffia - best quality Madagascar Raffia, natural and unbleached 450gram large hanks.

Jute & String from Nutscene and some Gardeners themed natural soaps, scrubs and hand cream to go with your floral gifts. 



  • New selection of glass ware! These are on the shop and available for delivery with your Mothers day orders
  • Scented Stocks - budding up nicely and will arrive around Week 13 
  • Antirrhinum's - Scented Snaps follow on from week 15 

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