CROP REPORT - 18th November 2022

Crop Report


Covid doesn't go well with peak planning !! Pleased to report we are almost all back on track! Keep eating your green folks!! 😂 

Eryngium, Chrysanthemums ... & soon there will be Tulips!!

Tulips grown by hydroponic methods are well and truly underway! 

We are privileged to be working with one of the largest 3rd generation family businesses & producers in our area who has invested millions to prepare for the increase in demand for British grown next year and of course working smarter not harder! Looking forward to Tulips, Scented Stocks and Astrantia as well as some new trials. 

Hellebores are being nurtured ... won't be long before January is round and we see some lovely nodding heads for seasonal designs> 

My prediction is that despite the rising costs of living - our customers will search out meaningful planet-friendly floral gifts for their loved ones. Consumer behaviours are changing, they are having to.  Flowers are always a good idea and everyone needs flowers to cheer up the dull days. 

Moss is fresh and green and ready for your wreath workshops and getting ahead... Please do get ahead as we are concerned with Royal Mail strikes this is going to put additional pressure on other couriers...MOSS is lovely at the moment so stores well - please plan ahead!! Video on the product page :) 

Christmas Noble is sold out! up and we are will be offering a special offer box of local Nordmann as well as Scottish Noble Pine and Spruce. Planet friendly pine cones are on the webshop too as is BioGlitter, Spray paint and orange slices. Just go to drop down for 'Christmas' OR use the search box at the top of the page for a 'quick look up'

  • Paperwhites and Insidgen Narcissi - reckon the mild weather will shorten this season! Don't bank on Paperwhites for Xmas unless it gets cold!
  • NEW SEASON Chrysanthemum - Outdoor finished and indoor supply coming 3 growers with great colour mixes and the breaks are really long so brilliant to use for posies and arrangements as well as bouquets - check our Box offers!
  • NEW SEASON Pittosporum/Bottlebrush - good supply from Cornwall 
  • NEW SEASON Alstromeria - Good supply Cornish and now we are also stocking Alstromeria Bens product from Crossland's! Look forward to some bonkers collaborations coming up here!
  • NEW SEASON DRIED - Going fast - request if you need something not on the shop
  • Rosehips - in and out! Limited. 
  • Snowberries - still going but if it rains much more here....... noone will be getting on the fields!!

  • Brassica returns to the mix - use CVBN in the water to reduce the aroma :) They are green at the moment as colour becomes more intense after frost. Indoor grown is beautifully cleanand white.

  • Eryngium Blue Lagoon good are romping through it!!

  • Lilies Longi Pink and white only.

  • Gypsophila - depends on weather!! 

Visit our FAQ to read how to add to an order your have already placed.

If you are looking for special event or wedding flowers please let me know the week before so we can reserve your stock in advance. 

MOSS - New product Focus video to help you plan volumes !!

MAIL ORDER BOXES - easy to store your readymade wreaths or for sending out wreaths or kits, See the product focus video here 

mixed dried bo

Growers choice Mixed boxes. Plenty of selection in these - ideal for smaller studios, churches or NAFAS members.

COMING SOON from the fields and glasshouses...


Twigs and Branches ... Different varieties of Narcissi from the Scillies, TULIPS from Norfolk. 

Quote of the Week 

"If you do what you always do, you will get what you always got."


Keep Calm & Carry On Flowering! 
Helen x

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