CROP REPORT - 2nd July 2022

Crop Report July


Every Week is British Flowers Week at EVOLVE

What a week to welcome the first of July!! AMAZING time with Gregor Lersch, my all time floral hero - incredible Master florist and huge supporter of slow grown, locally sourced flowers. He highlighted that this trend is strengthening worldwide during the demonstration and workshop that celebrated NAFAS North Midlands Diamond Anniversary at Newark.

Two days of fun, friendship and flowers with some very lovely friends, florists and arrangers....then back to the farm to 'woman a production line' to process over ten thousand Lincolnshire sunflowers to go to London - Sunflowers are well-known for being a happy flower and the perfect blooms to brighten several thousand peoples mood!.....there's never a dull moment on the floral journey!

This week we have some new crops starting - Indoor Agapanthus Blue & WhiteSedum and Crocosmia too. Scabious still going along well. Cornflowers will be blue for this week and a bit limited until the next batch comes on. New Eryngium 'Blue Lagoon' | 'Purple Star' | 'Green Globe' also

Growers choice Mixed boxes....there's a few crops starting and stopping as we are now into many new field crops - they are very weather dependant! This enables growers to pitch up with whatever looks good! Could be some coloured Achillea or green wheat.
  • NEW! Hydrangea - growers choice or straight colours - better to book a week ahead at the moment to secure wedding volumes as still not oodles. 
  • NEW! Agapanthus - Indoor Blue and White early stems 
  • NEW! Sedum - great summer filler - green 
  • NEW! Crocosmia - looks fab in meadow designs or with sunflowers and Scabious for a summery look.
  • NEW! Eryngium - Green Globe and Purple Stars join Blue Lagoon 

If you are knee deep in weddings and wanting a few reserved flowers please let us know the Wednesday of the week before so we can do our best to gather your 'wish list' - after next week 

Iris - Blue only this week, plenty. 

Alstro - Norfolk - very limited - too hot to crop!

Foliages .... WILD GREEN garden greens are available on water to either collect or be delivered on trolley direct to you. Trolley can be mixed greens/ plants/ flowers - will save you oodles of conditioning time and buckets are included (handballed off by the driver and trolley returned to us) 

Foliage is always a challenge this time of year!! Eucalyptus needs to be cut back April/May to ensure good growth ready for September. 

COMING SOON from the fields and glasshouses...

Larkspur, Solidago, Agapanthus...

Nigella.... seen a bit of flower - pods will follow shortly - GET YOUR DRYING RACKS READY!!

Scabious more colours.....Lisianthus week 33 onwards,  similar time for Antirrhinums. Please don't ask me for Sweet Peas as grower simply didnt grow any this year :(

YOU WILL NOT FIND FRESHER or with less Flower miles travelled or lower carbon footprint :)

Quote of the Week
''Sunflowers end up facing the sun, but they go through a lot of dirt to find their way there.” ― J.R
Keep Calm & Carry On Flowering!
Helen x

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