Crop Report - 30th April 2021

April Crop Report

MAY BANK HOLIDAY...will it rain or will it shine? who knows-Mother Nature has been throwing it all about! we even had a hailstorm yesterday, while the rain is welcome the chilly temperatures are not!

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday deliveries only this week as couriers do not collect on Bank Holidays.

Floral events to promote this week -

May 7th 2021

National Flower Arranging Day

May 9th 2021

Garden Day - create your flower crowns information here

And another reminder that Europe will be celebrating their Mother's Days during May so imported flower prices may well still be high.

The May Day Bank Holiday has historically been the Tulip Festival Weekend in Spalding, large floats decorated with tulip petals would parade through the town and some of our team remember it being a very raucous and drunken weekend at the pubs too! All that has stopped of course and we will celebrate this weekend at Springfields Festival Gardens with some floral exhibits and some tip-toeing through the tulip displays of around 130,000 tulip bulbs in flower and over 600 potted displays as well as many other features.

Come and visit Spalding this weekend and I may just see you there! (Drop me a note on WhatsApp & I will ! )


  • Volumes dip a little as light levels have been lower this week and chilly!. Lots of colours.


  • We are getting through the majority of this crop and although there is a steady stream and plenty to go at we are over the peak of the crop. More minis will be available as the week goes on. This crop has 3-4 weeks left ( for those of you planning weddings already! )  

Sweet Peas

  • Sweet peas are still pottering along - pinks are getting quite short in length some as 28cm/30cm. Purples and lavenders are slowing down in volume and white is steady. We try to mix the bundles as much as possible so you have a variety.

Scented Stocks

  • The next batch starts with more Lavender, Purple, White and Apricot and towards the end of the week more white, cream and blackcurrant will appear.
  • Standard Scented Stocks. HOORAY! finally towards the end of the week we will be adding the Standard Scented Stocks which are around 48cm stem length with a smaller more compact column than the premium grade.  These will be in lavender, red, white, light pink, dark pink, and purple. Ideal for smaller posies and bouquets.


  • Eucalyptus - the end of the Irish season, there may be a few varieties over the coming weeks but will only be if they are of suitable quality. It is always the same situation every year and very hard for brides to understand, the only solution is to import from further afield. Irish Silver Sussex continues as does Pittosporum and BottleBrush.


  • Blue Discovery
  • Yellow Apollo


British Flowers Week June 14th -21st

We support BFW as much as we can ( even though its not always the favoured week for growers lol! )  We are collaborating with The Paper Studio to create a British Flower Collection of their folded cards - we need you help to vote for your favourites - check out the link below or in the newsletter.  I have been using these at Evolve for the Studio since we started and love the way they can be over printed with logos and of course all the care information is on there to save adding an extra customer care card.  A keepsake card that most importantly has our contact details on it! Those of you who have ordered the kraft envelopes recently will have received The Paper Studio ones which are great quality, water resist and also can be overprinted with your logo making your floral gifts.  The Paper Studio also has several other promotional materials to add to your displays for the week and maybe some other little treats!

Final Field Notes

  • Peonies - If I had a penny for every Peony question we wouldn't have to sell them! Peonies are pushing on and leaves on the early varieties have started to turn colour, buds are swelling albeit slowly!....last year the first harvest was 24th April ... this year it's looking like nearer to 24th May ! The crop moves as much as three or four weeks depending on the weather. The growers who keep records are still not sure as the weather continues to be so unpredictable!In the next few weeks we will have Solomons Seal-Polygonatum multiflorum. Some of you may have seen the Cornish which starts a week or two before Lincolnshire crop. This grower also has medium white Calla lilies which will be added to the webshop.

  • In the next few weeks we will have Solomons Seal-Polygonatum multiflorum. Some of you may have seen the Cornish which starts a week or two before Lincolnshire crop. This grower also has medium white Calla lilies which will be added to the webshop.  

 Quote of the Week: 

"Life isn't a tiptoe through the tulips."  - Shannon Hoon

Yours in Flowers


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