Matthew Flinders and The Church of St Mary and the Holy Rood | Flower Festival


As part of this year's highly anticipated flower festival, Evolve Flowers Ltd provided a stunning floral arrangement for 'The Church of St Mary and the Holy Rood' in Donington. The festival also served as a precursor to the homecoming of Captain Matthew Flinders, the famous cartographer and explorer, in summer 2024.

Preparing for Captain Matthew Flinders' Homecoming

As excitement grows for the homecoming of Captain Matthew Flinders next year, more workshops are planned in the coming months to focus on sustainable flower displays. These preparations will not only honour the famous explorer but also continue to promote eco-friendly practices in the world of floristry.

Watch the video below to learn more about the flower festival and the sustainable initiatives that were embraced by the community.

With preparations underway for the upcoming homecoming of Captain Matthew Flinders, the community looks forward to further embracing sustainable practices in their floral displays. The collaboration between Evolve Flowers Ltd and the event organisers has brought about a renewed appreciation for sustainable floristry and the beauty of seasonal, locally grown flowers.

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  • Claire Wyon on

    So interested to read this! My ex husband is a descendent of Matthew Flinders and my son is called Flinders or ‘Flin’ for short ( my ex is called Matthew) .. I know Flinders day is celebrated yearly in Australia. We love the fabulous bronze of the explorer at Euston station.
    Fab article! Claire

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