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This year's highly anticipated flower festival, organised and coordinated by Stella Thorald and her daughter Sally-Ann, saw a delightful collaboration with Evolve Flowers Ltd. The festival showcased the beauty of seasonal and sustainable British blooms at All Saints Church in Holbeach.

Floral Demonstrations Inspiring the Community

Helen, the founder of Evolve Flowers Ltd, shared her passion for sustainable floral designs by conducting a flower arranging demonstration in the church hall. The demonstration aimed to inspire community groups and individuals to embrace seasonal and locally grown flowers when creating their own floral arrangements.

Sustainable Flower Displays Take Centre Stage

The festival's flower displays featured an impressive 85% of locally grown, seasonal British flowers, highlighting the beauty and versatility of homegrown blooms. Furthermore, around 65% of the arrangements were created without single-use plastics or floral foam, showcasing the potential for more sustainable practices in floristry. The church was filled with vibrant flowers, emitting a captivating scent that enchanted visitors.

A Warm Welcome at All Saints Church

Visitors to All Saints Church in Holbeach were greeted with words of wisdom inspired by a tree:

  • Go out on a limb
  • Remember your roots
  • Drink plenty of water

This year's flower festival, with its focus on seasonal and sustainable floral designs, was a massive success. Evolve Flowers Ltd's collaboration with the event organisers brought about a fresh perspective on floristry and demonstrated the potential for a more eco-conscious future in the industry.

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