Crop Report - 08th October 2021

Crop Report October

British pumpkin dried flower arrangements
Our personality pumpkins are flying off the shelves! These cheerful 'pocket-money-pick-ups' are just what consumers need on dull days to cheer them up :)

Time to move lots of dried flowers mixed in with fresh, in kits and as straight bunches. Do get in touch if you would like the bulk box prices.


NEW! Rose hips 

  • Time to get the cats back in! Autumn wildlife starts to appear almost the same week as Rose hips - Every year!

MOSS! Fresh from Norfolk

  • please order early as this is bulky - it comes in fresh to us every week - 3 bags per box.

Narcissi fresh from the Scilly Isles 

  • Super scented Paperwhites and Scented Narcissi - slowly coming through, a lovely reminder that brighter days are on the way.

Oh my Gourd!

  • It's pumpkin time again! box offers on mixed white Casperita and orange mini Jill-be-little for your tablescapes and mixed squash to decorate with dried! Football sized pumpkins from a new grower - the ideal size for workshops and pumpkin parties :) We have now added another bulk box of 40 Gourds - 9kgs!

Snowberries - Continue

  • Beautiful pink and white varieties of fused berries on swooping branches. Great for adding texture and form to designs and fabulous for wedding installations.

BRASSICA is here!

  • Autumn feature and great long-lasting space filler flower! hundreds of thousands of these are grown. I know you don't like them but the CUSTOMERS do!! An essential product for the British Autumn flower selection :) Fills a BIG GAP!

  • Keep Buckets clean with Chrysal bucket cleaner and use CVBN tablet in the water to reduce any cabbagey aroma! Recut stems frequently. Look great with a sprinkling of Bioglitter for Halloween and Christmas or simply when you need some sparkle!

Eucalyptus - New Season

  • Order with caution as still some tender leaf tips.

  • Ungraded Eucalyptus is now available by the box too.

New Norfolk Eucalyptus

  • Lush mixed bunches from Norfolk! - JOIN THE TRADE FACEBOOK GROUP to see product videos.

  • Pittosporum and Ozothamnus join the foliage lists... who needs flowers?! More foliage arriving on Tuesday so if the product says sold out it is worth checking back on Sunday/ Monday.


  • Plenty to go at - Cornish & Norfolk grown


  • White & PINK - plenty of glycerined & Dried


  • Please note there are multiple varieties within the 5 colourways


  • Finished


  • Finished


  • TBA - weather permitting!


  • Rose lilies continue - Pink and White Orientals are online and 3 colours of LA's.

  • Pollen free lilies are Julia, Felica and Aisha in white.

  • 'Ascot' and 'White Balloons' are the white Orientals this week and a stunning dark Pink 'King Solomon'.

Christmas Wreath Boxes: ARRIVE NEXT WEEK

  • We anticipate DPD to have a very busy time towards the end of the month we are planning to send these out soon - those who have ordered will be contacted to schedule delivery. We have managed to secure the same price as last year and if you are looking to have 100 or more or collect from Pinchbeck we can offer an additional saving. Phone to discuss.

Pre-orders on Christmas wreaths / boxes / foliages 

  • Pre-orders on Christmas wreaths / boxes / foliages are set up under the banner of Christmas so you can benefit from discounted prices when you purchase in advance. Please ensure when you pre-order you do this on a separate order and not mixed in with this weeks flower order.

Scottish Noble Pine: Pre-Order

  • The Noble pine from Scotland and readymade wreaths have also been added to pre-orders. The Pine will be arriving in early November - details are on the product pages - the first load has all sold and we are trying to secure more.


Final Field Notes

  • Panicum grass will follow.

  • Chrysanthemums due November.

  • Tulip season will be late starting and is planned for Mid December.

  • Early forced pre-Christmas Daffodils are being planted now.


Quote of the Week: 

“The future depends on what you do today” - Mahatma Ghandi


Keep Calm & Keep On Flowering! 

Yours in Flowers


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