Crop Report - 10th December 2021

Crop Report December

British grown winter seasonal flowers orange
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25 days until Christmas Eve - no comment!


This is it, we are nearly there... the final countdown, advent calendars are opening - preparations are underway and containers greened up, vases trimmed, table decorations on the webshops, candles have been counted and all is calm....??? And maybe not!!! We feel waaaay behind and at the moment feels like Christmas is not happening especially in light of the 'masks' back on message of the last few days. Coupled with the storms we have had and the torrential rain its no wonder the customers are not coming out to shop! BUT IT WILL HAPPEN - it always does and it's always at last the minute. Keep Calm & Carry On!

Get ahead as far as you can and make up as many grab and go 'present solutions' for those late shoppers. It is a long haul the Christmas run up and we have been properly 'doing' Christmas products now for four weeks - it is no wonder we are tired of Noble pine and bags of moss! BE POSITIVE & HAVE COURAGE You've got this and YOU CAN DO IT !!

15 days until A DAY OFF! - YIPPEE!

VERY EXCITED to announce that we have another Cornish grower on board!! Bottlebrush, Cornus red & Green, Pittosporum and Parvi are now on the menu. This grower has been cultivating foliages since 1958 and now the 4th generation of family have taken over the business; we are really looking forward to working with this new supplier from the lush growing zone that is the South West of the British Isles.


  • Heavenly Christmas Cards
  • Norfolk Holly - variegated /lots of varieties
  • Orange slices / Cinnamon Sticks
  • Spray paints
  • Bioglitter



  • Beautiful quality from Lincolnshire grower. These are cultivated from Southern Hemisphere bulbs that are given a cold winter in the fridges and then brought out to grow hydroponically (on water) without any peat and under glass. Some good strong varieties - Ile de France Red, Purple, White.

Norfolk Holly

  • Less berries than last year on the variegated but still the same fabulous quality and lasts very well as it has special storage treatment :)

Foliage for Christmas designs

  • The mixed 'wreathing' box is stuffed full of at least 4 types of long-lasting foliages. Ready-made wreaths are on OFFER and are ideal to decorate quickly and sell.


  • Open the bag to let it breathe as it's a live product, store frost free.


    • Narcissi Paper whites - steady - good stock levels
    • Yellow Narcissi - steady


    • Very Limited 

     Eucalyptus Norfolk

    • Great scents and plentiful

    Cornish Parvifolia

    • Cornish Parvifolia - bunches or box and mixed foliage bundles from the same grower



    NEW items and additional products on IMPORT will be added as they come in - we have to wait until flights are in as delays are possible.

    There will be some large headed South American Roses arriving very soon.

    • Hypericum berries
    • Myrtle
    • Waxflower
    • Standard Carnations - select grade - lovely colour mixes and have been split in to groups - add note on order for specifics.


    Final Field Notes

    • Wreath Boxes / Subscription boxes  - in stock

    • Pampas - plenty and some dried white Gypsophila


    Quote of the Week: 

    “What is Christmas? It is the tenderness of the past, courage for the present, and hope for the future.” - Agnes M. Pahro


    Keep Calm & Keep On Flowering! 

    Yours in Flowers


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