Crop Report - 12th November 2021

Crop Report November

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6 weeks until Christmas Eve - no comment!



  • Beautiful quality from Lincolnshire grower. These are cultivated from Southern Hemisphere bulbs that are given a cold winter in the fridges and then brought out to grow hydroponically (on water) without any peat and under glass. Some good strong varieties and next week Colombus doubles too.

Pampas Grass 

  • The fluffy pile is depleting fast - please don't ask me for it after xmas - when it's gone its gone!


  • Plenty of Moss (we mossed 20 x 10" wreaths from 2 bags)


  • Chrysanthemums are now moving into the Jaguar series and spiders are coming


  • Narcissi Paper whites - steady - good stock levels

Insidgen Yellow

  • Insidgen Yellow - steady - good stock levels


  • New grower added indoor AND NEW 'Feather Queen'

 Eucalyptus Season

  • NORFOLK EUCALYPTUS lush mixed bunches from Norfolk! LOVE this product

  • Norfolk Eucalyptus & Rosemary - great scents and plentiful

Cornish Parvifolia

  • Cornish Parvifolia - bunches or box and mixed foliage bundles from the same grower


  • Looking like the last week - plenty of dried & glycerined available too for Gypsophila Christmas trees and clouds! Don't forget the Bioglitter!!


  • Pink and White Orientals continue

Cornish Parvifolia

  • Bunches or box and mixed foliage bundles from the same grower


  • There will be Holly and locally sourced foliage's in a mixed box in the next few weeks ready for your workshops



  • Please ensure when you pre-order you do this on a separate order and not mixed in with this weeks flower order as you will receive a delivery surcharge invoice.

  • Wreath Boxes - we have had a volume buyer in so stock is going down fast - when they are gone that's it for another year!

Final Field Notes

  • Update on Tulip season will be late starting and is planned for Mid December.

  • Early forced pre-Christmas Daffodils are being planted now.

  • There will be more red tulips than *white which appear to be later - January. *This position has now changed slightly as a second grower has the white varieties.


Quote of the Week: 

“Our attitude towards life determines life's attitude towards us.” - John Mitchell


Keep Calm & Keep On Flowering! 

Yours in Flowers


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