Crop Report - 14th May 2021

Crop Report May

Very pleased to report we have been accepted into The Good Florist Guide for our Retail arm of the business Evolve Florist Studio! We are thrilled to have joined a list of brilliant florist friends and have decided to celebrate by supporting the #flowerhug Campaign by giving you all a couple of special offers this week for flowers to create some giveaways or promotions such as 'jars of joy' or 'flowerhug' bunches for your communities.

This is to mark the long-awaited 'permission to hug' and encouraging people to take flowers along when they visit friends or family that they wish to hug!



  • Up and down - there's a few more this week! Rainbow of colours - 60 stems per box or in 10 stems.


  • Plenty to go at and lots of lovely Mini Rans to use in flower hugs - if you haven't yet had them long enough to see them open do take some home!! Harvesting is almost done .... we will miss them for sure!

  • Also from this grower  - Foxgloves our new Limited Edition crop which has been well received this week and Mid week tall spires of White Delphinium join this section.

Sweet Peas

  • Sweet peas are doing well - still not oodles of sun or warmth so are pottering along - pinks are getting quite short in length some as 28cm/30cm. Purples and lavenders are slowing down in volume and white is steady. We try to mix the bundles as much as possible so you have a variety. You may have noticed we have switched to a biodegradable gel for transit on these. Feedback welcomed

Scented Stocks

  • Premium Scented Stocks - Over a little dip in batches and plenty coming through with a good colour mix!
  • Standard Scented Stocks - Standard Scented Stocks which are around 48cm stem length with a smaller more compact column than the premium grade.  These will be in lavender, red, white, light pink, dark pink, and purple. Ideal for smaller posies and bouquets. Available in boxes of 60 or in bundles of 20 stems. Doubled the volumes for this week and please note there is a major multiple going on promotion with TV advertising so why not encourage our customers to have them ready-made in vases or in your signature wrap to catch their attention.


  • Blue Discovery and Yellow Apollo - limted as we approach the transition from indoor to outdoor grown.


  • Irish Silver Sussex continues as does Pittosporum green, BottleBrush, mixed green boxes and green or variegated Buxus.

Solomons Seal

  • Loads of stock as this crop will flush for the next few weeks! Personally I love it and use in everything! It has good vase life and should be stored on Chrysal Pro 2 - Tea Bags are back in stock for those of you without dosing units :) Tubs of 100 sachets which you simply drop into a litre of water to extend vase life and keep buckets cleaner for longer.

Colour Specifics

If you are wanting colour specific orders please write it in the notes section or call the office so the girls can add a note to your order on the system.


Final Field Notes

  • Dates to remember: British Flowers Week June 14th -21st

  • Peonies .... I will just leave this here I think!!! The 40cm Cottage Peonies are steadily coming in as a little warm up for the main event! Weddings in July will be having Peonies for certain  - before that could still be tricky!

  • The buds are swelling albeit slowly!....last year the first harvest was 24th April ... this year it's looking like nearer to 24th May ! The crop moves as much as three or four weeks depending on the weather. The growers who keep records are still not sure as the weather continues to be so unpredictable! First varieties up are usually Pink Haiwaan Sunset, Coral Sunset and Red Charm - we have three Peony growers and the largest is next door.  

  • Next we should start to see the outdoor crops coming through...Sweet Williams, Misty Limonium & more Iris including purple.

 Quote of the Week: 

"Sometimes a hug is the answer, even when the answer is not known."  

Keep Going Flower Folks! 

Yours in Flowers


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