CROP REPORT - 16th July 2022

Crop Report July


Mega hot weather is expected next week with Amber/Red warnings for heatwaves across the UK.  We are planning product care carefully and coordinating with growers to make sure we refrigerate and condition everything to give it the best chance of surviving the journey to you. We have been pre-cooling boxes this week and of course our paper-wrapping means minimum condensation in the boxes. Field grown product has to be harvested and chilled carefully in order not to stress the product. Our growers are changing start times (as are we) to ensure everything - including the croppers and staff - don't wilt!

Please be extra kind to your DPD drivers! a cold bottle of water I'm sure would be appreciated as they are driving around in baking hot vans! One option is to request a pre-10.30am delivery - if you would like this and are prepared to pay a small surcharge please do get in touch.


As you may know I lived in Egypt for 8 years & had the children there so had to cope with being pregnant in that heat too as both are Autumn birthdays!! 

It's all commonsense stuff really...a few reminders so this weekend you can start thinking about how next week will pan out!

  • Keep flowers wrapped and condition carefully to prevent heat stress
  • Make sure buckets are VERY clean and CVBN for most of summer flowers - bacteria breeds fast in heat.
  • Keep the flowers in cool darkened place - throw water on concrete paths or floors to reduce the temperature several degrees - as long as its not a slip hazard.
  • Keep blinds closed and windows open just a crack to ventilate
  • Avoid doing deliveries between 11am &-3pm,
  • Create as much shade around your workplace/ windows/ area as possible.
  • Keep delivery vehicles in the shade and use window shades or make your own with tin foil and a flower box!
  • If you have a cooler or flower fridge keep the outside motor well ventilated and shaded to prevent overheating breakdowns. Fridge units will go into overdrive trying to get the temperature down and working against high ambient temperatures its a struggle. Keep the door closed as much as possible.
  • Add cool blocks to water buckets or fill from taps not hot hoses. 

Look after yourselves too! Especially if you are doing outside events on this week RHS TATTON Ladies!!! - re-hydration sachets in your water bottles can help avoid dehydration and heatstroke. It's easy to forget to drink when you have a load to do but the sensible thing is to go steady. Your body requires 4 Litres a day in temperatures over 30c. Dehydration was the biggest cause of sickness for our international guests visiting Egypt and its easy to avoid. Reduce tea, coffee and sugary drinks and opt for juices and water instead. Avoid spicy foods - eat salads/ fruit. Put the chocolate biscuits in the fridge :) Avoid being outside if possible - change working hours to a more Mediterranean schedule!!

Every Week is British Flowers Week at EVOLVE!

We have such a huge selection of products at the moment its tricky to decide what to use for bouquets! 

NEW! Gladioli joins the collection with some gorgeous hot red and dark purple colours as well as yellow, lilac and green - they are in the first week of harvest so more colours will be added as the crop progresses. There is also a pre-bunched box offer on as well as bundles. 

NEW! Helios Flame Bicolour Sunflowers - who doesn't love a sunflower! 

NEW! Lilies ... LA, Longi in Pink and White - Orientals also Pink or White and Rose lilies 

JUST IN! New stock of jute string and Rainbow Raffia plus more of those handy nailbrushes from Nutscene 

There's plenty of Heavenly cards in stock so don't forget to browse the sundries section!

If you are looking for wedding flowers please let me know the week before so we can reserve your stock in advance. 

Growers choice Mixed boxes....there's a few crops starting and stopping as we are now into many new field crops - they are very weather dependant! This enables growers to pitch up with whatever looks good! 
  • Hydrangea - growers choice or straight colours - better to book a week ahead at the moment to secure wedding volumes as still not oodles. White being very slow and only available if pre-ordered.
  • NEW! Agapanthus - Outdoor field grown mini Agapanthus joins the stonkers white and Blue from the glasshouses
  • Sedum - great filler and still green - flowers not out as yet
  • Crocosmia finished - next round will be seedheads 
  • Eryngium - Green Globe & White Stars limited. White Falls & Purple Stars plenty
  • Summer Drummer Alliums - tennis ball sized blooms.

Iris - Blue only this week, plenty. 

Alstro - Norfolk - good supply 

Foliages we have added Salal to import - next box in Wednesday

Foliage is always a challenge this time of year!! Eucalyptus needs to be cut back April/May to ensure good growth ready for September. 

COMING SOON from the fields and glasshouses...

Astilbe - waiting for rain .... and Asters next week :)

Lisianthus week 33 onwards,  similar time for Antirrhinums. Please don't ask me for Sweet Peas as grower simply didnt grow any this year :(

YOU WILL NOT FIND FRESHER or with less Flower miles travelled or lower carbon footprint :)

Quote of the Week
Summer heatwaves are further proof that Mother Nature is menopausal!
Keep Calm & Cool & Carry On Flowering!
Helen x


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