Crop Report - 1st January 2022

Crop Report January July

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Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

I hope you all have had a good rest and are fully charged for the new season of British blooms! Growers are gearing up for what looks like another demanding year. Here we go again with the planners and diaries being filled up with this years goals and targets.What will we do differently or indeed not at all and what can be improved?

Valentines promotions are dropping into the email folders and yet the pine cones and orange slices are still not packed away! Somehow January seems like the busiest month ever with so many plans to make and dates for the diary - bring on the celebration of fresh new shoots and spring-like sunshine!



  • Plenty of colours of the early season varieties and mild weather means volumes are steady.

  • All the British tulips are grown on water in trays - hydroponically and therefore peat free. The majority of our British growers have bio-mass boilers so have environmentally friendly heat sources when required too.

  • We collect your orders from our growers and dispatch same day or next day - you can't get fresher or with a lower carbon footprint.


  • Indoor Daffodils have started being pulled and are looking lovely and springlike!


  • New varieties of Narcissi are starting to come through from the Scilly Isles - the variety chart is in the Knowledge hub and can be accessed here ( add link)


  • Paperwhite will move into Primo and Grand Primo. Sol'D'Or replaces Insidgen and is followed by Huge Town.


  • Bottlebrush, Cornus red & Green, Pittosporum and Parvi are now on the menu.

  • This grower has been cultivating foliages since 1958 and now the 4th generation of family have taken over the business;  we are really looking forward to working with this new supplier from the lush growing zone that is the South West of the British Isles.

Left over Moss?

  • Get going with Kokedama plants - an ideal way to utilise any extra moss - rope lengths in 10m natural jute can be found here.

  • Houseplant week starts on 10th January #houseplantweekUK

    Moss topping bags are in stock to dress spring bulb planters. The direct deliveries on trolleys have been successfully trialed so please get in touch if you would like to discuss spring potted bulbs or houseplant delivery options.


Final Field Notes

  • Wobbly willows, straight and branched pussy willows will return soon.

  • Valentines Premixed tulip bundles are being finalised ready for your pre-orders.

  • Hellebores... being nurtured along - coming soon


Quote of the Week: 

“If I had my way, I would remove January from the calendar altogether and have an extra July instead.” - Roald Dahl


Keep Calm & Keep on Flowering! 

Yours in Flowers


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