Crop Report - 11th January 2022

Crop Report January

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  • Lots of colours online now - rainbows and pastels galore!

  • The shortest time between cropping and arriving in a florist shop was 26 hours this week #justsayin #howfreshareyours

  • AND they were delivered on water with treatment to prevent stretch and maximise vase life !!



  • 5 varieties of Isles of Scilly Narcissi arriving for next week - Erlicheer, Hugh Town, Sol D’Or & Island Pride

  •  When comparing prices with other suppliers please check stem lengths!!  we are concentrating on premiums 40cm ++ welcoming back these elegantly scented blooms; let’s celebrate them in some tall and stylish designs.

  • Paperwhite will move into Primo and Grand Primo. Sol'D'Or replaces Insidgen and is followed by Huge Town.


NEW IN: Wobbly Willow is back!

  • I just love twigs for enabling maximum visual perception & profit!

  • Brilliant for creating structures/ frames and elegant eco-designs! Bend around in a vase or bowl as a mechanic. It may even shoot & root…

  • 70-80cm tall EXCLUSIVE to EVOLVE!

  • Loads to go at! From Lincolnshire *growernextdoor!


Feather Queen: 55cm stem length

  • It’s a Platinum year and it’s all about the cutest  Queen right now!

  • 5-7cm  diameter head size of the lilac coloured centre, surrounded with feathery ruffles. This is the perfect size for spring mixes; there’s such a potential for this *freaky little filler   Available for the next three weeks and IDEAL for your “veryPeri” designs!

    *absolutely not normally available this season but hey what’s normal ??


  • Might - Maybe - Maybe   

  • These luxurious lovelies are later than last year for sure by 3 weeks so far …. But that means we should have for Valentines and when they do reach length will be extra specially stunning?

    Let us know if you would like to be added to the list of peeps on the waiting list - just in case - maybe some appear!!!



  • Loads of lush foliages from the 4th Cornish grower to be welcomed into the Home of British Blooms @BritishFlowersDirect




    Norfolk Mixed premium Eucalyptus cropping fresh n frosty this weekend.  Our - on the farm - home grown farm foliage for those needing branches for installs & those spring weddings!



  • Mother’s Day sundries and more glass vases added to shop




Please note all the growers we access have ethical and supportive farms. Global Gap accredited.

  • Roses from Ecuador

    Cool water



    Moody blues

    Deep Purple


  • Import Limonium! Israel

    It’s soooo fluffy ! The prettiest spring Pink and “go with any other colours” versatile violet.

    10 stem bunches


  • Awesome Anemones! Israel





    Sold in 20s 38cm stem length. Use cvbn as hollow stems prone to rot if in deep water


  • Sri Lankan foliage

    Compacta purple - statement foliage and ideal to give a pop to spring tulip mixes

    Israeli Wax flower arriving Monday pink mixes 


New to 2022!

BRITISH BULBS & INDOOR BRITISH grown HOUSE PLANTS Collect Only Or DIRECT TROLLEY delivery price per postcode zone.

  • Huge list - lots of Florist favourites ….


  • Hyacinth 13cm - 3 bulb pot or singles in 9cm


  • Muscari 13cm


  • Snowdrops 9cm


  • Ivy


  • Hardy ferns and oodles more ….

    Improve your carbon footprint, reduce packaging, no boxes to unpack, no chasing couriers - from us to you on one vehicle / no depot transfers!

    Flower products on water - the correct treatment for maximum life!

    Big wedding? / Valentines ? Mother’s Day?  …. We make it easy for you - and we are on a mission to make business better it’s NO BRAINER folks !! Most florists are short of staff for peaks - if we are lucky we have a tea maker... Cut out all the unnecessary conditioning time!

    BONUS! Trolley delivery customers can return plastic trays / pots / cardboard / Even the cello sleeves from your other deliveries - fill your return trolley with recycling to be processed by our local industrial recycler ! Free Service to reduce your waste!

    A Fabulous section of Spring planters for you pimp up & pizazz 

    Trays of potted Spring bulbs 5 per shelf

    Have one tray or fill the shelf it’s up to you!




Final Field Notes

  • Lots of sorting out going lines coming soon :)


Quote of the Week: 

“To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.” - Joseph Chilton Pearce


Keep Calm & Keep on Flowering! 

Yours in Flowers


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