Crop Report - 22nd January 2022

Crop Report January

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Welcome back to those of you who took an extended break - we all most definitely needed it! and it seems many more of our florist community around the world also decided that the time for a recharge was January and not to wait until summer.

Firstly I would like to say a heartfelt Thank you to all of you in the Evolve community; especially those 'founder' members who have been with me since the start who have been a constant support and have kept me going through the many up's and down's of the Evolve journey so far, you know who you are and some of us are still yet to meet face to face. Your encouraging tolerance of my madness is much appreciated :)

For me; January is all about the 3 R's - Reflect, Review and Recharge - giving ourselves space in our lives to be able to 'see' the present and where we are going.

If you haven't already made some notes in the back of the diary or you have a 'peaks' reminder book I urge you to jot a few pointers down - we try to blot out the tough times and it will soon be forgotten. 5 minutes before the end of this week could save a considerable amount of time and money for next Christmas's preparations when it all kicks off again! There were lots of things in the Evolve

REVIEW box, especially as the Studio and new office has changed how and where we work; we have moved, stored, tidied, discovered, labelled, uncovered, counted and it will continue! Continuous Improvement is a mindset - we call it progress over perfection! Avoid Extinction - Just Dodo it!

REFLECT on what would make life, business and the planet better. I have decided not to allow any additional products or packaging into the house or business than is necessary and have made some changes to 'the purchasing rules'. I am sure everyone could be a bit more mindful about life if we allowed ourselves time to reflect.

RECHARGE is all about getting plenty of fresh veg and VitD for me and a new haircut and catching up with the overdue dentist appointment, kitties to the vets and more time with the children.

***** January 2022 marks the FIRST BIRTHDAY of the British Flowers Direct Website!*****

So what a year it was! Here are a few of the Evolve Highlights of 2021! 

  • Thomas from Slap & Tickle Marketing started working with Team Evolve - now we have two Facebook groups and two instagram accounts as well as continous improving both the trade and retail websites - and a website birthday party?!
  • The back office system was integrated with the trade webshop and I'm getting excited about data analysis now as that's what flower geeks do...
  • The dried flowers range was extended and added to the shop as we moved away from 'The List!' We also added Nutscene and Chrysal products and more sundries are added every week!
  • We created the branded Tulip box specifically to fit our Norfolk and Lincolnshire Tulips as its such a volume crop...more about the increasing numbers of British stems we have moved later!
  • Recycling procedures and a local industrial recycling partner were integrated at the yard to further reduce our impact on the planet
  • May 2021 we exceeded the total turnover for 2020 - GULP!!
  • May 2021 Evolve Florist Studio was accredited as A Good Florist Guide Member, super chuffed to be a part of this fabulous community of like-minded super florists!
  • Trialled direct delivery via specialist couriers to the customers - Fedex was discontinued & DPD and DX set up to deliver via depots.
  • Installed a new gate, signage at the yard and on the lane - so all these new couriers could find us!!
  • Completed a 'trolley trial' to test delivering flowers on water and potted plants; and later in year Poinsettia were added - successfully ironed out the kinks! Two more local couriers involved in this ongoing!
  • Added new grower of Cornish foliages, there is range of 6 different Cornish foliages from two growers.
  • Supplied 3 outlet stores - two farm shops and Budgens.
  • Launched Imported product section to webshop which is expanding weekly with quality, ethically accredited seasonal products which allows British Flower focused florists to add to their range without having to add another wholesaler.
  • OCT 2021 BFA Conference Helen opened with talk about British grown flowers
  • NOV 2021 Mr Fix-it got the roof on and fitted out The Studio which opened for the welcome return of leisure Workshops
  • DEC 2021 Fudged up Flowers arrived with a local handmade artisan fudge producer.




  • Getting underway. The season is currently running two weeks later than programme which is due to a poor G-stage of the bulb cultivation. On top of that demand is high as some other crops are also slow so there are gaps to fill!

    The full range of Tulip colours is now settling down and some of the main season varieties which will continue all season are coming through like:

  • Purple Laptop

  • Yellow Strong Gold

  • Reds will be Kung Fu 

  • Ben Van Zanten

  • Rainbow and pastel will continue all season. PRE - MIXED bunches will be added to the shop this week. and will be available for Wednesday delivery, maybe Tuesday.


  • Demand for indoor daffodils is high and the number of growers decreases every year, these tend to be cultivated by smaller growers that are being impacted by fuel prices for heating the glasshouse.


  • Outdoor Cornish Daffodils starting to come through



  • 5 varieties of Isles of Scilly Narcissi arriving for next week:

  • Erlicheer

  • Hugh Town

  • Sol D’Or

  • Island Pride


Wobbly Willow

  •  Wobbly Willow - new mini bundles being added

  • More Branches & Twigs are coming soon

  • 70-80cm tall EXCLUSIVE to EVOLVE!



  • Still very cold


Feather Queen: 55cm stem length

  • Pretty little fillers, colour deepens with frost.

  • 5-7cm  diameter head size of the lilac coloured centre, surrounded with feathery ruffles. This is the perfect size for spring mixes; there’s such a potential for this *freaky little filler. Available for the next three weeks and IDEAL for your “veryPeri” designs!



  • Still in hibernation - same situation with bulbs

  • Hellebores... damn cold! There should be some for Valentines.... maybe.... maybe...



  • Loads of lush foliages from the 4th Cornish grower to be welcomed into the Home of British Blooms @BritishFlowersDirect




    Norfolk Mixed premium Eucalyptus cropping fresh n frosty this weekend.  Our - on the farm - home grown farm foliage for those needing branches for installs & those spring weddings!


  • Norfolk and Cornish plus Bottlebrush



  • Ready made bows, perfect for Easter bouquets! 




Please note all the growers we access have ethical and supportive farms. Global Gap accredited.

  • THE MOST STUNNING LISIANTHUS from Israel - Please do try as we would like to make several of these products standing orders - the quality and length of the breaks is lush!

  • South American - Eucador Roses

  • Anemones, Limonium, Gyp is coming in Monday, more lovely wax flower which has tints of pink as thats the affect of the frost on the crop!

  • Purple Codyline and Lime Sandriana.

  • If you are a big enough business to take whole boxes - stem counts from 150 - 300 - often mixed colours - please get in touch! Buying right is about buying seasonally and now the selection from Israel is great quality due to the sunny days and much milder climate.


New to 2022!

BRITISH BULBS & INDOOR BRITISH grown HOUSE PLANTS Collect Only Or DIRECT TROLLEY delivery price per postcode zone.

  • Huge list - lots of Florist favourites ….


  • Hyacinth 13cm - 3 bulb pot or singles in 9cm


  • Muscari 13cm


  • Snowdrops 9cm


  • Ivy


  • Hardy ferns and oodles more ….

    Improve your carbon footprint, reduce packaging, no boxes to unpack, no chasing couriers - from us to you on one vehicle / no depot transfers!

    Flower products on water - the correct treatment for maximum life!

    Big wedding? / Valentines ? Mother’s Day?  …. We make it easy for you - and we are on a mission to make business better it’s NO BRAINER folks !! Most florists are short of staff for peaks - if we are lucky we have a tea maker... Cut out all the unnecessary conditioning time!

    BONUS! Trolley delivery customers can return plastic trays / pots / cardboard / Even the cello sleeves from your other deliveries - fill your return trolley with recycling to be processed by our local industrial recycler ! Free Service to reduce your waste!

    A Fabulous section of Spring planters for you pimp up & pizazz 

    Trays of potted Spring bulbs 5 per shelf

    Have one tray or fill the shelf it’s up to you!




Final Field Notes

  • There are a few products which haven't yet been listed or are 'off the list'

    It is not feasible to list every single product if there's only a small quantity available.

    • Silver birch - branches and bends
    • Wobbly willow - short bundles approx 50cm
    • Empty gun cartridges and pheasant feathers for those hunting and shooting tributes
    • This week we sent out a design board, some ribbons for pleating and some wooden letters. If it is here - you can buy it! Please do not stress yourself buying large quantities or searching for bits that can easily be added into your box - we have oodles of stock, large glass vases for events, mirrors and please will someone buy the butterfly frame that was cancelled on me!


We have a new local artisan foliage grower who is developing cottage garden foliages and branches - this will be ideal for NAFAS Demonstrators to use (YAY! that's me - on the Area list!! - just a little bit chuffed!) and those weddings that need a little bit of 'something' to add a point of Britishness difference. Ideal for those who don't have gardens to cut from or a FFTF flower farmer just round the corner.

The volume crops will be added to the shop as this progresses. Meanwhile if you are looking for something not on the webshop do ping me a WhatsApp.


Quote of the Week: 

“If you do what you've always done, you will get what you've always got!

 - Unknown


Keep Calm & Keep on Flowering! 

Yours in Flowers


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