Crop Report - 26th March 2021


Easter Week Special 🥚🐇

Pheweeee the last of the peaks - Thank goodness for Chocolate!!


End of season limited availability of Hyacinth - blue and pink only


Still plenty to go at in singles and I'm searching for more doubles.

If you would like Creme Fraiche on the bulb that is also possible - bundles of 25 stems.


Lovely lush carpets of freshly harvested green sphagnum moss from our sustainable harvesters in Norfolk. Ideal for making Easter nests, wreaths or topping bulb containers.


Pussy willow, wobbly willow and some twisted (which will be added when we have wrestled a box to fit it in!)


We are now in the Lincolnshire Mid season crops and the fields locally are brightly coloured yellow for those growers who cultivate bulbs and peppered with yellow in the fields that are being cropped. There are Double petalled daffodils, multiheaded and sticks in white orange centres.

I have even seen some limited edition pink ones! There is not a huge volume around and we are finding empty cold stores pretty much everywhere. The flowers are spending less than 24hours at the growers before going to larger buyers or for (Daffodils) export.

Final Field Notes

  • Hellebore continues to trickle in and the stems are getting longer. 
  • IF and that is a big IF the Ranunculus appears, they will be added for you to purchase! 
  • Alstroemeria gaining pace and plenty of colour choice with Cornish or Norfolk.
  • Lots of foliages to choose from.
  • ECO wraps are available along with Rainbow Raffia, twines and ropes have been stocked up and are great for your Easter decorations!
It's been really challenging to source British grown flowers, even being this close to the growers, we will fix volumes and when they are gone we will be sold out. We really do have to do the best with what we have where we are, get creative and please don't add additional challenges by allowing your customers to specify.
If we have to substitute we do our very best to contact you first but it's not always feasible. The wider flower world is going to be like this for sometime to come, could be as long as 2 years as the impact of the disruption to growing is now being realised.  The return after Easter is similar and we hope if the Iris and Rans are late we will at least have some newness then!
Orders will have to be in by Saturday 3rd April for delivery days Wednesday 7th, Thursday 8th & Friday 9th
oh yes and if there is a trickle of sweetpeas we will let you know! Another waiting list..? 
Have a good weekend :) 

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