Crop Report - 4th April 2021

April Crop Report

Easter Weekend ūü•ö

Happy Easter Everyone! 
Hope you are all able to take a break, finally The Last Peak! 
Due to Bank Holiday Monday the delivery dates for next week are:
  • Wednesday 7th April
  • Thursday 8th April¬†
  • Friday 9th April¬†


New This Week!

  • New season Rainbow Ranunculus - Lovely vibrant colours trickling in...if you wish to request colours please understand it is NOT guaranteed until we get into the season. Only just started cropping and it seems Orange is first :)
  • For Thursday delivery we welcome back the Premium Scented Stocks - Ahh... can almost smell that cinnamon scent wafting this way...again limited and mostly pink with a hint of 'blues' Check out last years video on the trade group if you would like to know why these are Premium
  • Double Narcissi - Sir Winston Churchill has arrived with gusto - blousy double cream multiheaded Narcissi¬†
  • Dried stock has been replenished again with plenty of limonium, wheat and Helichrysum¬†


  • Apotheose - Double petalled Yellow/Orange¬†
  • White Narcissi-Geranium/ Early Splendour
  • Golden Dawn - Yellow Multi head¬†


  • Loads of foliage arrived this weekend, ready for you to stock up. If you haven't already tried the mixed greens box why not give it a try its full of variety and gives you a great selection of colours and texture to build in to your designs.
  • Eucalyptus Cineraria season has finished with our grower but there's oodles of others to go at and as we get into larger flower types the Gunni and Glaucescens are the clear favourites!
  • Twigs and Willow continues for your Spring designs and plenty of fresh moss.

Limited Editions


  • Numbers are going to reduce dramatically now over the coming weeks as we have almost run out of supply for this years season!¬†

Sweet Peas

  • They are getting underway and more volume steadily creeping in.¬†


  • This week there are also a few Columbian Large headed roses, if you haven't tried these I recommend as they are so long lasting and great colours - Bright sunny yellow Bikini, White Mondial, Freedom and Hilux a vibrant deep orange.
  • If anyone is looking for double white chrysanth do get in touch - 9 x 5 in stock - very heavy stemmed product

COMING SOON during April / May

  • Daffodil Great Leap¬†produces large, ruffled heads of Carnation-like flowers. Outer petals are a soft creamy yellow and towards the centre of each flower, petals become more densely packed and become a deep honey yellow. Flowering March/April.
  • Sweet Williams¬†
  • Iris yellow & blue
  • Brace for Peony Season - the latest prediction - subject to the weather is 10th May¬†

Final Field Notes

  • Alstroemeria, plenty of both Cornish and Norfolk crops are coming into main season, again if you wish for specific colours we will do our best as now there is a bit more to go at.¬†

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