Crop Report - 28th March 2022

Crop Report March


Hope you all had a busy weekend and kudos to those of you opting out of Mother's Day and doing weddings - you have nerves of steel! - with all the complications of imported products recently it certainly has not been without challenges! The consensus is that many consumers left Mother's Day to the very last minute - most florists receiving a flurry of orders late in the week or even at the weekend. Many large shops putting the brakes on with in answerphone messages, banners on websites and social media posts. Seems many consumers 'simply forgot' too much going on in the world, people are busy trying to 'return to normal' post Covid and perhaps realising thats not as easy as was first thought.

Our latest Product Focus Vlog looks at import Lisianthus this week and is worth a quick watch here.



  • Columbus continues and good selection of straight colours


  • Yellows have moved in to Silver Standard, Sempre Avantii and Dutch Master
  • Pinks - soon to arrive and stunning for arranging
  • Multiheaded Narcissi Golden Dawn from Lincolnshire
  • Multiheaded Narcissi continuing to be limited from Isles of Scilly - few boxes of whites arriving this week

It is a 'watch the weather' situation and if it continues mild and sunny the growers will be getting through varieties swiftly - some growers already reporting they have left some varieties as unable to pick quick enough.


  • Tropical houseplants and outdoor spring plants available


  • Check the Glassware - Tulip Vases still going - when they are gone they are gone!


    • NEW! Nutscene Raffia in a rainbow of colours
    • NEW! Nutscene coloured twines

Other Products

  • Foliages - Wild green Garden bunches coming along


  • Eucalyptus from Norfolk and E. parvifolia slowing down as it normally does this time of year.


  • Coming soon, UK Scented stocks and Ranunculus


Delivery Days

  • We are introducing SATURDAY as a delivery day as standard so those of you who need product to be ready for a Monday morning can have a weekend delivery. This product will leave us on Friday and will need to have an order placed by Wednesday latest... (unless of course you call and check the stock on Thursday :)


Quote of the Week: 

“Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did.'" - Newt Gingrich


Keep Calm & Keep on Flowering! 

Yours in Flowers


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