CROP REPORT - 2nd September 2022

Crop Report

AUTUMN IS HERE! Hops have arrived 

PLEASE ORDER BY SATURDAY 10PM to ensure delivery for Tuesday and Wednesday - as Autumn season progresses we need to give growers more time to crop your products to order. You can add to orders if you find you need to top up.

Visit our FAQ to read how to add to an order your have already placed.

If you are looking for wedding flowers please let me know the week before so we can reserve your stock in advance. 

FRESH BRITISH HOPS are in! We have some bargain trails for those wanting smaller bines ! 

MAIL ORDER BOXES - easy to store your readymade wreaths or for sending out wreaths or kits 

Carthamus and our mixed dried boxes are back in stock with an assortment of products including dried staticeGyp, peonies and Helichrysum. 

Limonium - Pink and Lemon white varieties - purple-lilac will be added - sooooo pretty and also can be airdried 

Lisianthus - Picotee Pink, Pink, Picotee Blue, Blue and White 

Antirrhinum - white and scented - lovely for weddings and bouquets 

Pink & White Snowberries

Hypericum Red and White 

Brassica returns to the mix - use CVBN in the water to reduce the aroma :) They are green at the moment as colour becomes more intense after frost. I adore Autumn - the berries, the scent of hops and gourds will be here soon too.

Matricaria adds mini button-like texture to bouquets and is a great filler. Cream and buttery yellow

Eryngium Blue Lagoon could be the last the week...

Astrantia limited edition 

Carthamus  Ideal for Autumn wreaths, bunches of 10 and Box deal of 60 stems

Gladioli - back in stock 

Sunflowers continue  

Lilies ... LA, Longi in Pink and White - Orientals also Pink or White and Rose lilies in Pink and white too.

Gypsophila continues white only this week - little gap in Pink supply. 

New stock of jute string and Rainbow Raffia plus more of those handy nailbrushes from Nutscene 

There's plenty of Heavenly cards in stock so don't forget to browse the sundries section!

Growers choice Mixed boxes....there's a few crops starting and stopping as we are now into many new field crops - they are very weather dependant! This enables growers to pitch up with whatever looks good! 

COMING SOON from the fields and glasshouses...

Brassica - alternative varieties - do remember the colours show after a frost so quite green at the moment. Chrysanthemum sprays. MORE FOLIAGE!

Gourd's and Pumpkins and some Aster Serenade 

YOU WILL NOT FIND FRESHER or with less Flower miles travelled or lower carbon footprint :)

Quote of the Week: 
The key to success is to focus on goals not obstacles 
Keep Calm & Carry On Flowering!
Helen x

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