CROP REPORT 12th September 2022

Crop Report

An emotional time for the nation and indeed worldwide this week, as we learnt of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II passing away and the events that followed. 

Our new apprentice was shown images of the flowers left after Princess Diana's death - she was taken aback at the sea of bouquets from an event before she was born. We discussed that this was what we expected and perhaps ten times over for Her Majesty the Queen. How important flowers are to soften dark times and how the flower industry would react to the reaction from the general publics increased demand. Our local landmark, Jubilee mural even had flowers left as the general public seek out ways to deal with the loss. 

Dutch prices predictably increased as demand for flowers soared.

The pressure on our growers, many of whom supply supermarkets has also increased with their orders doubling and tripling in some parts of the country as consumers show their respect by laying flowers. This in a period when seasonal heat and light level changes already impact supply has made for a few challenges. 

  • Sedum - looking fab as its moved to pink - plentiful
  • Lisianthus - very limited as crop draws to a close 
  • Antirrhinums - good supply but some gaps in batches
  • Sunflowers - possibly 2 -3 weeks remaining 
  • NEW SEASON Pittosporum/Bottlebrush - good supply from Cornwall 
  • NEW SEASON Alstromeria - Good supply Cornish and Norfolk 
  • Aster - 2-3 weeks left 
  • NEW SEASON Gourds - almost ready! 
  • NEW SEASON DRIED - Plenty in stock - request if what you need not on the shop - Pampas is coming soon!
  • Rosehips - coming next week 
  • Grasses - continue Limited
  • Very few hops left - please contact if you need and shop is sold out
  • Limonium - White variety added - purple-lilac will be added - sooooo pretty and also can be air-dried. Use CVBN in the water.

  • Pink & White Snowberries LOTS!

  • Hypericum Red and Brown 

  • Brassica returns to the mix - use CVBN in the water to reduce the aroma :) They are green at the moment as colour becomes more intense after frost. I adore Autumn - the berries, the scent of hops and gourds will be here soon too.

  • Matricaria adds mini button-like texture to bouquets and is a great filler. Cream /white and buttery yellow. Single Vegmo back in c2 weeks 

  • Eryngium Blue Lagoon good supply - slowing down in volume due to heat/light levels - order in advance if you need lots.

  • Carthamus  Ideal for Autumn wreaths, bunches of 10, finishing in 2 weeks approx 

  • Gladioli - good supply

  • Lilies ... LA - yellow and orane,  Longi in Pink and White - Orientals also Pink or White and Rose lilies in Pink and white too.

  • Gypsophila White continues - Pink finished.

Visit our FAQ to read how to add to an order your have already placed.

If you are looking for special event or wedding flowers please let me know the week before so we can reserve your stock in advance. 

MOSS - New product Focus video to help you plan volumes !!

MAIL ORDER BOXES - easy to store your readymade wreaths or for sending out wreaths or kits, See the product focus video here 

mixed dried boxes are back in stock with an assortment of products including dried staticeGyp, peonies and Helichrysum. 

Growers choice Mixed boxes. Plenty of selection in these - ideal for smaller studios or NAFAS members. 

COMING SOON from the fields and glasshouses...

Brassica - alternative varieties - do remember the colours show after a frost so quite green at the moment. Chrysanthemum sprays. MORE FOLIAGE!

ROSEHIPS ! Yay! time for rodent patrol !!

Gourd's and Pumpkins and some Aster Serenade, 

More Matricaria Single Vegmo, Amazon and Rio Plus more Stocks.

YOU WILL NOT FIND FRESHER or with less Flower miles travelled or lower carbon footprint :)

Two Quotes of the Week as I couldn't decide, 
Our dead and never dead to us until we have forgotten them
George Eliot
The highest tribute to the dead is not grief but gratitude 
Thornton Wilder 
Keep Calm & Carry On Flowering!
Helen x

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