CROP REPORT - 4th October 2022

Crop Report

Welcome October... IT IS AUTUMN!!

It's most definitely is Autumn and this weekend it all went bonkers for our fresh moss - getting ahead for Christmas has already started but lets PLEASE enjoy Autumn! It's good for the mind and body to adjust into the season and not race ahead skipping a season! We have such a lovely selection of products at the moment to add a pop of colour to your pumpkins. Loads of gourds and the Cinderella pumpkins too. 

Looking forward to see you at the Good Florist Event on 8/9th October - It's open to non-members as well as members and there's a fabbo line up of speakers and workshop sessions to get us in right mindset to be ready and resilient for recession!

We will also be at FLEUREX too on 15th/16th October. We have buddied up with Chrysal for this event and are keen to show you how we use Chrysal products to reduce waste and save water with our planet friendly blooms. We are in the Business drop in Session too from 2-3pm on the Sunday and it would be great meet you there! 

Moss is fresh and green and ready for your Autumn Wreath workshops :) Pumpkins parties next!

Christmas foliage pre-order is up and we will be offering a special offer box of local Nordmann as well as Scottish Noble Pine and Spruce. Planet friendly pine cones are on the webshop too as is BioGlitter, Spray paint and orange slices. Just go to drop down for 'Christmas' 

NEW Celosia Plume - Zingy Orange, Purple and Strong Pink add some pops of colours - Perfect for Pumpkins!

  • Lisianthus - some lovely premium grade - super quality 
  • Scented Stocks - outdoor and super strong
  • Antirrhinums - good supply but some gaps in batches
  • Sunflowers - finished 
  • NEW SEASON Pittosporum/Bottlebrush - good supply from Cornwall 
  • NEW SEASON Alstromeria - Good supply Cornish 
  • Aster - last week
  • NEW SEASON Gourds - started coming in white have arrived :)
  • NEW SEASON DRIED - Plenty in stock - request if you need something not on the shop
  • Rosehips - coming this week - almost!!!
  • Pink & White Snowberries LOTS!

  • Brassica returns to the mix - use CVBN in the water to reduce the aroma :) They are green at the moment as colour becomes more intense after frost. 

  • Matricaria adds mini button-like texture to bouquets and is a great filler. Cream /white and buttery yellow. Single Vegmo too

  • Eryngium Blue Lagoon good supply - slowing down in volume due to heat/light levels - order in advance if you need lots.

  • Carthamus  - slowed up and very green 

  • Gladioli - good supply

  • Lilies moving to special order only 

  • Gypsophila White continues although limited 

Visit our FAQ to read how to add to an order your have already placed.

If you are looking for special event or wedding flowers please let me know the week before so we can reserve your stock in advance. 

MOSS - New product Focus video to help you plan volumes !!

MAIL ORDER BOXES - easy to store your readymade wreaths or for sending out wreaths or kits, See the product focus video here 

mixed dried boxes are back in stock with an assortment of products including dried staticeGyp, peonies and Helichrysum. 

Growers choice Mixed boxes. Plenty of selection in these - ideal for smaller studios, churches or NAFAS members. 

COMING SOON from the fields and glasshouses...

Brassica - alternative varieties - do remember the colours show after a frost so quite green at the moment. Chrysanthemum sprays. MORE FOLIAGE!

ROSEHIPS ! Yay! time for rodent patrol !!

Gourd's and Pumpkins 

More Matricaria Single Vegmo, Amazon and Rio 

YOU WILL NOT FIND FRESHER or with less Flower miles travelled or lower carbon footprint :)

Quote of the Week 
 “Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn.”
Keep Calm & Carry On Flowering! P.S don't watch the news and remember to breathe! 
Helen x

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