CROP REPORT - 5th May 2022



The explosion that is British grown has kicked off and we are at the beginning of the peak growing season! Hedgerows are teaming with cascades of blossoms and cow parsley decks the verges. Field crops are getting underway with a profusion of Polypoganatum - Solomons seal and loving the new development crop of Viburnum opulus that adds another dimension to bouquets and vase displays with the lime green blossomy balls. 

If you are knee deep in weddings and wanting a few reserved flowers please let us know the week before so we can do our best to gather your 'wish list'

Please remember seasonality - always best to recommend a 'relaxed colour palette' to the brides who are wanting to focus on British blooms. This next two months are mostly pinks, purples, lilacs and whites... 

Sweet Williams have started, will be online over the weekend. 

Peonies .... a l m o s t ready - a little more rain wouldn't go amiss and would help to plump them up! 


From the fridge...


Tineke Van de Meer, Yellow Flight, Verandi and Jan Signette all On the Bulb 

Charmeur - coral pink tulip with variegated leaf is back along with Tineke Van De Meer, Yellow flight, Scarlet flight, Saigon - muted purple, Jan Signette, Verandi Orange and Update for White. 

NEW!! Standard Scented STOCKS underway and purple, dark pink and white added to the current colour selection this week. 

Premium Scented stocks for those who love a statement column on their stems!

Solomons seal - plentiful and such a useful stem of foliage as well as the dainty white bells. 

Ranunculus - the warm Easter flushed this crop so now it is tapering off. No promises on colour specifics this week. Grower is trying to get as many as possible for your wedding orders. 

Cottage Peonies - always before the early peonies these cute posy gems have a useful foliage and blousy red/ burgundy blooms. Only just started and limited. 

Iris - Yellow and Blue - plenty of blue, Yellow limited. Will continue until November. 

Alstro - Norfolk in good supply this week. 

Foliages .... always a challenge this time of year!! Eucalyptus needs to be cut back April/May to ensure good growth ready for September. Little bit of Cornish Eucalyptus Parvi available...

We still have Cornish Viburnum Tinus and Pittosporum, you are getting through it at pace - recommend ordering early if you need volume. Wild Garden greens continue and the mix is now including Choisya and Orange Blossom as well as Lonicera and more. 


COMING SOON from the fields...

Peonies - Almost here - First varieties are the coral and Red Charm.

Lincolnshire Scented Pinks - about 2 weeks away. 


Quote of the Week

 Two things define you: Your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything.” - Imam Ali


Keep Calm & Carry On Flowering!

Helen x

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