CROP REPORT - May 13th 2022



We prayed for rain and we got it - a plentiful downpour drenched the fields and then as usual out comes the sun - It brings on the crops with abundance!! There's plenty to choose from on the menu this week so we have decided to close Tulips to make room for Peonies :) there's a few on bulb which add a contemporary look to designs. 

"The sun after the rain is much more beautiful than the sun before the rain"

Bill Watterson


NEW: LOTS of Lupins - gorgeous scent !! Alliums - White and Purple added for next weeks deliveries MID WEEK expecting Lincolnshire Scented Pinks. Flag Iris are in and stunningly tropical looking!


Red Charm is the first early and will finish first too!

PLENTY of Corals which include Pink Hawaiian Sunset, Coral Sunset and Coral Charm. Boxes of 100 stems available at special price! All of our Peonies are from growers within the 40 mile radius of Evolve - the majority are within 10 miles and even as close as next door!! YOU WILL NOT FIND FRESHER or with less Flower miles travelled or lower carbon footprint :)

PINK ALERTI - The first of the Pinks - lovely Tutu pink that fades to paler pink then white as it opens - it will POP if put on water - Use Pro 2 and keep cool if you wish to hold its development. 

Cottage Peonies - always before the maincrop peonies these cute posy gems have a useful foliage and blousy red/ burgundy blooms. Only just started and limited-once they get going they will be on a box offer - Posy grade approx 40cm.

If you are knee deep in weddings and wanting a few reserved flowers please let us know the week before so we can do our best to gather your 'wish list'

Please remember seasonality - always best to recommend a 'relaxed colour palette' to the brides who are wanting to focus on British blooms. This next two months are mostly pinks, purples, lilacs and whites... 

Standard Scented STOCKS well underway with full colour range including cream, purple, dark pink and white added to the current colour selection this week. 

Premium Scented stocks for those who love a statement column on their stems! New Salmon Pink this week. 

Field Grown Solomons seal - A useful stem of foliage as well as the dainty white bells. 

Viburnum Opulus Snowballs - LUSH!! simply stunning - get it while you can - romping through the crop!!

Ranunculus - the warm Easter flushed this crop so now it is tapering off. No promises on colour specifics this week

Iris - Yellow and Blue - plenty of blue, Yellow limited. Will continue until November. FLAG IRIS 

Alstro - Norfolk in good supply AND ON SPECIAL BOX OFFER PRICE! 

Foliages .... always a challenge this time of year!! Eucalyptus needs to be cut back April/May to ensure good growth ready for September. Little bit of Cornish Eucalyptus Parvi available...

We still have Cornish Viburnum Tinus and Pittosporum, you are getting through it at pace - recommend ordering early if you need volume. Wild Garden greens continue and the mix is now including Choisya and Orange Blossom as well as Lonicera and more. 

COMING SOON from the fields...

Scented Pinks, Cornflowers, field grown Delphinium, Nigella, Scabious .....Lisianthus week 33 onwards - similar time for Antirrhinums. Please don't ask me for Sweet Peas as grower simply didnt grow any this year :( 

Quote of the Week

"It's not about perfect. It's about effort. And when you bring that effort every single day, that's where transformation happens. That's how change occurs" 

Jillian Michaels 

Keep Calm & Carry On Flowering!

Helen x

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