Crop Report - 9th July 2021

Crop Report July

NEW! Glorious Gladioli

  • Perfect for teaming up with the Lilies and sunflowers! We have made the decision to sell the Gladiloli straight from the field so are in bundles of 50 - looking for a big enough box as they are a metre plus! 

  • First to crop is yellow and strong pink (YAY!) 

NEW! Agapanthus - Blue & White

  • Indoor crop is coming through steadily - will be followed by outdoor in a week or two.


  • White still steady - pink varieties arrive at the end of July.


  • Specialist storage conditions* are used to hold Peonies - we will have some 'northern' late crop in the next couple of weeks. For now though all our growers are sold out.

NEW! Eryngium Variety 

  • Eryngium Purple Stars joins the Eryngium selection  - fantastic filler. The first dried Anita is out of the dehydrator ready for your 'everlasting' bouquets. Green Globe will be along in a week or two.

Scabious 'Stafa'

  • Continues and now the second grower is harvesting too so more volume available. 


  • Outdoor harvesting is now in full swing and there is plenty to go at, there are acres and acres of sunflowers around this area - we have been sticking two wobbly eyes on one flower per bunch (just use glue-dots!) everyone loves a smiley sunflower and we sold out twice in outlets this week!! Treat with CVBN Gerbera pills and keep ambient - sunflowers hate being chilled.


  • A much more manageable size, the yellow are with 'tails' of approx 30cm and a stem length of 80-90cm. When they're gone that's it! Over for another year!

Scented Pinks

  • Lovely selection of varieties - Put more Pink in the World! Selling well in bundles for the consumer and now available as a box offer too :) White and Peach available too although in smaller volumes than the pink varieties. 

Scented Stocks

  • The Premium grade is slowing right up as the stocks season draws to a close.  

  • Standard Grade has approximately 3 weeks remaining and full colour range. Because of the hot weather we had a few weeks ago the crop is showing some size variations as it affected the growth.


  • Irish Silver Sussex, BottleBrush, mixed green boxes and trailing Ivy - The Ivy has suddenly gone crazy and is really REALLY long! Sustainable Moss is on stock.


  • Blue Discovery 

  • Yellow Apollo 

  • Purple Tigris

Sweet Williams

  • Sweet Williams finished.

Limited Editions

  • White Astilbe has been promised although how many will be a surprise! 

  • A small amount of Calla lilies in white.

  • Green Oats on special request.

Final Field Notes

  • Asters along around the end of July.

  • Nigella & Delphiniums - there will be another flush later in the year - over for the moment.
  • Crocosmia is coming through this week.
  • Pumpkins and Squashes are greening-up and the damp humid weather that gets them going!
  • The New Season of Dried flowers is underway so there will be products for you in the next week or two, we are filling up our dehydration room.
  • We have green wheat, larkspur 3-4 varieties of Eryngium, Gypsophila, Peonies and many more coming online very soon!

Quote of the Week: 

“Embrace your jounrey Embrace the Change. Growth doesn't come from things staying the same” - Unknown

Keep Calm & Keep On Flowering! 

Yours in Flowers


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