Labels that don't cost the Earth!


At Evolve we aim to be as planet-friendly as possible with everything we do - after all we need to Save The Earth - It's the only Planet with Chocolate!!

If you are an eco-conscious business and projecting sustainability then it is worth considering using bio-degradable labels from our local label supplier who is based near Boston, Lincolnshire - Sticky Labels

Product packaging can be detrimental to the environment and we must remember that even though the packaging is compostable the label attached to that packaging is either non-recycled or may take a great number of years to decompose.



Evolve Flowers uses Sticky Labels that are made from white, wood-free elemental chlorine free non-coated paper with a permanent acrylic adhesive.

100% bio-degradable and comply with EN13432 standards to ensure that:

  • They do not contain volatile matter such as heavy metal

  • They will 90% biodegrade into CO2, water and minerals within 6 to 9 months

  • Their decomposition will pass eco-toxicity tests

  • Label and print quality will not be compromised


… Ensuring that our eco-friendly labels won’t cost the earth!


Best of all these labels can be applied to compostable packaging that will still be considered as compostable according to the European Industrial Compostable Standard EN13432 if the label represents less than 1% of the total weight of the packaging.

Sticky Labels prints the eco-friendly labels in-house and offers full-colour print on rolls. As the labels are not coated, they have a matt finish which is in keeping with most organic and environmentally friendly products.

We think they look great on our packaging and our customers like them too as all the packaging can be reused, recycled or composted!

They can be custom printed - these guys know labels and have been printing bio-degradable since July 2018 - almost any size and shape in full colour, using food safe inks. This means the sticker will breakdown 100% with no nasty leftovers of residual effects.



  •  Biodegradable matt white paper with a Biodegradable permanent adhesive which is compostable/biodegradable conforming to EN13432
  • Printed using food safe inks
  •  Supplied on rolls
  • Printed full colour
  • Almost any size/shape (up to 190mm wide)
  • Minimum order just 250 labels


The Best Biodegradable Stickers On The Market!  

Sticky Labels have taken a long time researching and finding the best, fully biodegradable labels and stickers available. They know printing service and quality is essential for businesses like ours and they cannot be beaten with a 2 day dispatch time. They researched for years to find labels that break down 100% within a year that are fully compostable and environmentally friendly. Wherever possible they look to improve their products and processes so as new or better solutions become available we’ll be ready to embrace them too - the same ethos as Evolve and that's why we've stuck with Team Sticky Labels!

And we really like saving the planet and chocolate too!

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