Crop Report - 11th June 2021

Crop Report July June

box of british grown peonies wholesale

Wowsers! What a week…and it’s FriYaY - loads to tell you about all our

“British Flowers Week Specials” we have loads of goodies for you!

> Chrysal Dosing Unit Discount

> 10% off Chrysal CVBN for longer lasting Summer flowers

> Free Box of Dried Flowers for the first 25 customers to redeem* (*Terms and Conditions Apply)

> Free Samples and Chrysal Care and Conditioning leaflets in your box

> Free Sample Flowerap gift bag for you to try

> Paper studio British Flowers Week products

> Box offer mixed varieties of peonies

> Box offer straight Peonies

> NEW Box offer Nigella

> Box offer Sweet Williams

> Box offer on Scented Stocks



We will post the map for DVS coverage today - and explain the delivery areas fully, some areas may be on a certain day a week; it is a premium service and they have been really brilliant at looking after you all - great to have your feedback! This week we are working on improving labelling and the sorting our end?

Those customers serviced by DVS Milton Keynes depot can return cardboard for recycling which is yet another bonus for us all as we try to be more planet friendly.

I have made the decision to stop using Fedex; the service levels are unrealistic to maintain and the volume of damages and claims is untenable. This is unfortunate for those of you Northwards and we are working on solutions as fast as we can. If you still wish for us to send you product via Fedex as a courier we will not be crediting or refunding for any damage or delay.

Peonies Tsunami!

  • The hot weather has meant some varieties and volumes have not been picked

  • This week the varieties are:

    • Monsieur Jules Elise
    • Duchesse De Nemours
    • Kansas
    • Sebastien Maas
    • Bowl of Beauty
    • Mothers Choice
    • Adolphe Russeau
    • Festiva Maxima
    • Alertie/Perche
    • Jadwiga ..... named after a Polish Princess & I've never seen before !
    • And Sarah Bernhardt
  • We could be in the shortest peony season ever!! The hot weather has meant the peonies are coming off fields at a rate of knots and its a swift operation to get them chilled.


  • White Delphinium looks great - please do handle these with care as they are grown under glass and benefit from a cane up the hollow stems. CVBN always advantageous as we move into summer products and we have a SPECIAL OFFER on until 30th July.


  • Blue Delphinium  - these are outdoor grown and we are romping through.

Scented Stocks

  • Plenty of Premium and Standard Grade

  •  Standard Scented Stocks 48cm stem length with a smaller more compact column than the premium grade.  These will be in lavender, red, white, light pink, dark pink, and purple some cream. Ideal for smaller posies and bouquets. Available in boxes of 60 or in bundles of 20 stems.


  • Irish Silver Sussex, BottleBrush, mixed green boxes and green or variegated Buxus.

Sweet Williams

  • Another crop that is going at the speed of light - they need a bit of water to reach the correct cut stage to be good fillers and last for yonks in the vase! CVBN recommended for buckets.


  • Blue Discovery and Yellow Apollo and Purple - now into field grown crop.

Limited Editions

  • New on the webshop is our treasures corner where we will list all the small volume crops that are not in abundance! Cornflower, Astrantia, Alliums, Calla and maybe even scented pinks.  (Lupins, sweet peas and foxgloves are finished)

Final Field Notes

  • There will be Larkspur, Eryngium Anita & Blue Lagoon, and Scabious coming soon!

 Quote of the Week: 

"Don’t limit your challenges; challenge your limits. Each day we must strive for constant and never ending improvement"  - Tony Robbins

Keep Calm & Keep On Flowering! 

Yours in Flowers


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