Crop Report - 18th June 2021

Crop Report June

Mother Nature threw it all at us this week. Growers were working at breakneck speed to get everything chilled earlier in the week and now they are worried the next seedlings will wash away in the heavy rain! We are still going with the British Flowers Week Campaign as think it should last longer! Hope you enjoyed your goody bags :) Lets see some of your BFW creations on the Trade Facebook page please !

The Chrysal offers continue for the whole month !

> Chrysal Dosing Unit Discount

> 10% off Chrysal CVBN for longer lasting Summer flowers


We will post the map for the now TWO specialist Flower Couriers coverage as soon as we can - and explain the delivery areas fully, some areas may be on a certain day a week; it is a premium service and they have been really brilliant at looking after you all - great to have your feedback! This week we are working on improving the way we move them to Milton Keynes and now we have started with Nightfox who cover Sheffield and above. We are getting sorted with the processes for the Northern customers! We have left ordering open for all days until we can establish a solution to fix specific postcodes to specific days! In between the girls may call you to move delivery a day earlier or later! Please bear with!

The additional good news is that these two couriers can also deliver sundries and plants :) and we have lots of growers for plants here too!

Those customers serviced by DVS Milton Keynes depot can return cardboard for recycling which is yet another bonus for us all as we try to be more planet friendly.

Peonies Tsunami!

  •  This week the varieties are:

    • Monsieur Jules Elise
    • Duchesse De Nemours
    • Jadwiga
    • Sarah Bernhardt
    • Solange
    • Kansas - 10's only
    • Karl Rosenfeld - Mixed Boxes only
    • Sebastien Maas - Mixed Boxes only
    • Bowl of Beauty - Mixed Boxes only
    • Festiva Maxima - Mixed Boxes only
    • Boule de Neige - Mixed Boxes only
    • Shirley Temple - Mixed Boxes only
  • We do look to be in the shortest peony season ever!

NEW! Eryngium planum 'Blue Lagoon hoomungium' is back!

  • Your favourite filler this is ungraded in bunches which are huge and in boxes of 50 stems - yep that is all we can fit in a standard box!

NEW! Slow starting - thankfully as generally too early... Sunflowers!

  • We've seen our first stock arrive this week

Scented Stocks

  • Premium Grade only this week and plenty of white - and of course no-one will have weddings this week?!


  • Irish Silver Sussex, BottleBrush, mixed green boxes and green or variegated Buxus. Sustainable Moss is on stock.

Sweet Williams

  • another crop that is going at the speed of light - reckon this is the last week...- they need a bit of water to reach the correct cut stage to be good fillers and last for yonks in the vase! CVBN recommended for buckets.


  • Blue Discovery and Yellow Apollo and Purple - now into field grown crop.

Limited Editions

  • Calla & Astrantia, the latter not quite as prolific as last year!

  • Scented Pinks have been added to the list - great for contracts or posy vases.

Final Field Notes

  • There will be Larkspur and Scabious coming soon! Nigella has pretty much gone as have the Delphiniums ... one week wonders!!

 Quote of the Week: 

“After the rain, the sun will reappear. There is life. After the pain, the joy will still be here.” - Walt Disney

Keep Calm & Keep On Flowering! 

Yours in Flowers


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