Crop Report - 25th June 2021

Crop Report June

The erratic weather continues here with sun and rain on alternate days, great growing weather and hopefully no repeats of the most challenging Peony season on record!

We've been delighted to supply some of you with wedding flowers this week and look forward to see your British flower creations decorating venue's and getting back into the swing of events :) Let us know if you are looking for specifics as sometimes there are a few 'treasures' that don't quite make it to the webshop!

New in store!

New designs of cards are now in stock - we love them! Boho, British and a beautiful white collection.

Some of the new season dried flowers are in the dehydrator - let us know if you need any specifics and we can dry to order!

We hope you had time to review the freebies in your British flowers week pack - remember Every Week is British Flowers Week! Thank you for supporting our British flower growers - we source flowers from within a forty-mile radius of our hub in Pinchbeck Spalding.

The Chrysal offers continue for the whole month !

> Chrysal Dosing Unit Discount - contact Helen for more information on how to save water, time and money!

> 10% off Chrysal CVBN for longer lasting Summer flowers


The map for your delivery days information has been posted - please click here to see which days our specialist flower handling couriers deliver to your postcode area.

The additional good news is that these couriers can also deliver sundries and plants :) and we have lots of growers for plants within our forty-mile radius too!

This week we are trialling aqua-packed Scabious, it's ideal for the product and will save you conditioning time!

Those customers serviced by DVS Milton Keynes depot can return cardboard for recycling which is yet another bonus for us all as we try to be more planet friendly.


  • The shortest season ever!  Specialist storage conditions are used to hold Peonies in suspended animation until you need them. Due to the extreme hot weather we had; all the flowers were harvested in a few days rather than a few weeks; the entire crop compressed and varieties that normally follow each other came very quickly and some even at the same time!

  • This week the varieties are:

    • Sarah Bernhardt
    • Duchesse De Nemours
    • Jadwiga
    • Mixed Box Peonies

Eryngium planum 

  •  'Blue Lagoon hoomungium' is back!

  • Your favourite filler this is ungraded in bunches which are huge and in boxes of 50 stems - yep that is all we can fit in a standard box!

NEW! Anita - large Eryngium ready to roll!

  • Big headed variety and if you are planning on using for the winter months for wreaths - now is the time to dye & dry!

NEW! Scabious 'Stafa'

  • This really is the best Scabious I've seen for a long time, the perfect stage and lovely lilac flowers on a strong stem of around 60cm. Supplied in bunches of 10 stems (MOQ 30)  or in an aqua-box of 15 bunches.


  • Indoor and Outdoor harvesting has started, there are acres and acres of sunflowers around this area and they are harvested with a smidgen of colour showing for maximum vase life - let us know if you are after more open stages and we can get them open for you.


  • A much more managable size, the yellow are with 'tails' of approx 30cm and a stem length of 80-90cm. These look great with the Eryngium and Sunflowers for the Bouquet of the week!

Scented Pinks

  • Lovely selection of varieties - Put more Pink in the World! Selling well in bundles for the consumer and now available as a box offer too :)

Scented Stocks

  • Premium & Standard Grade this week with a full colour range - any weddings this week for these scented lovelies?!


  • Irish Silver Sussex, BottleBrush, mixed green boxes and trailing Ivy. Sustainable Moss is on stock.


  • Blue Discovery 

  • Yellow Apollo 

  • Purple 

Sweet Williams

  • Another crop that is going at the speed of light! Limited volume remaining. CVBN recommended for buckets.

Limited Editions

  • There will be some striking purple Aconitum, Monk's hood available this week, highly poisonous and was used to poison wolves and other beasts of prey!

  • A small amount of Calla and possibly some Alliums. Green Oats also on the special request list.

Final Field Notes

  • Larkspur is coming along, we've had an encouraging stroll on the field and it's progressing nicely!

  • Nigella & Delphiniums - hopefully there will be another flush later in the year - over for the moment.
  • Pumpkins and Squashes greening-up and just the damp humid weather that gets them going!
  • Alstro is on the list albeit in less volume than usual - great quality, slow and steady in volume!
  • White Gypsophila volume is steady, Pink varieties are almost here.

 Quote of the Week: 

“Just don't give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, i don't think you can go wrong.” - Ella Fitzgerald

Keep Calm & Keep On Flowering! 

Yours in Flowers


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