Crop Report - 28th May 2021

Crop Report May

Welcome to June already?! It seems like about five minutes since we started May!! So finally some warmer weather is scheduled! It seems like the entire country is migrating to Norfolk this weekend for Half Term and the Bank Holiday convoys have will be fun collecting flowers this week - the A17 being our main route :) The (heatwave?) weather will bring on Sweet Williams and Peonies and other limited editions such as Astrantia and Eryngium. Remember no deliveries on Tuesday as couriers don't collect.

Please Plan! especially if you have wedding requests - do read the FAQs and send an email through your wish list; we often have a few 'treasures' that don't get listed as they are not in abundance which can be included for special orders. Please do order well in time not just in time to avoid any additional stress that the couriers may cause. We are working on solutions.


  • The Cottage garden peonies are having a second flush after a dip so we have more! Red Charm from 'next door' is now joined by Alerti and Pink Hawaiian Coral we have four Peony growers and the largest is next door.  The cut stage is variable - please do advise if you are needing forward staging for events. Otherwise do plan in a few days on water to get them opening. Pro 2 Tea Bags are in stock as is flower food in compostable or paper sachets! 

  • Alerti is a favourite of mine in the early flowering varieties it gradually fades from pink to white which is simply a wonder of nature. Both Pink Hawaiian and Alerti are fragranced too - only at ambient temperature though!


  • White Delphinium looks great - please do handle these with care as they are grown under glass and benefit from a cane up the hollow stems. CVBN always advantageous as we move into summer products. 

    Blue Delphinium has also rocked up - these are outdoor grown. Asparagus is also available from this farmer !! Let us know if you would like some!


  • Ranunculus and Mini Ranunculus will join the limited editions which will be in the mixed boxes as they are fizzling out.... see you next year!

Sweet Peas

  • Sweet peas are plentiful - some really long ones 50cm and equally some at 28cm/30cm.  We try to mix the bundles as much as possible so you have a variety. You may have noticed we have switched to a biodegradable gel for transit on these. Feedback welcomed. Cream and some summer varieties starting to come in.

Scented Stocks

  • Premium supply having a good colour mix this week - those of you doing weddings now please do read the FAQs and send your lists in 2 weeks before hand so we can reserve specific products for you. This week's batch will have plenty of white.
  • Standard Scented Stocks 48cm stem length with a smaller more compact column than the premium grade.  These will be in lavender, red, white, light pink, dark pink, and purple some cream. Ideal for smaller posies and bouquets. Available in boxes of 60 or in bundles of 20 stems.

Sweet Williams

  • there's plenty - they need a bit of water to reach the correct cut stage to be good fillers and last for yonks in the vase! CVBN recommended for buckets.


  • Irish Silver Sussex, BottleBrush, mixed green boxes and green or variegated Buxus.

Solomons Seal

  • Personally I love it and use it in everything! Chrysal Pro 2 - Tea Bags are back in stock for those of you without dosing units :) Tubs of 100 sachets which you simply drop into a litre of water to extend vase life and keep buckets cleaner for longer.


  • Blue Discovery and Yellow Apollo - limited as we approach the transition from indoor to outdoor grown.

Colour Specifics

If you are wanting colour specific orders please write it in the notes section or call the office so the girls can add a note to your order on the system.

Dates to remember 

British Flowers Week June 14th -21st  - anyone who is planning a push for BFW please pre-order if you are looking for box offers of stocks etc as we have had some large requests in and growers need forewarning.

Final Field Notes

  • Remember even though the season starts late the crops normally finish at the same time so we will be having an abundance if the warm weather that is predicted gets on!

  • There will be Larkspur, Astrantia, Eryngium Anita & Blue Lagoon, and Scabious.

 Quote of the Week: 


Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August :)"  

Keep Going Flower Folks! 

Yours in Flowers


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